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Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery
Glasgow, Reade Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Original data provided by Dale Britten & Donna Davis.

Re-transcribed and information added by Trina Troxell Corson.

This cemetery was last updated and photographed in 2006.

Photograph contributed by Kenny Stallard

In addition to those listed here are several other stones which are not legible, and several graves without stones. Please note that some of the added information included in this list came from obituaries, so, may not be entirely correct and/or complete. Other sources may have conflicting information.

Additional Cemetery Photos

Note: This information has not been provided by any official cemetery source. It is offered here as a tool to promote further research and should NOT be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.

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Name Birth Death Comments Location
BARRY, Catharine E.   22 Jul 1885 w/o William Barry; Age 63y 2m 20d; Our mother is not dead, but sleepeth; [Photo]  
BOWER, Ladd   27 Oct 1883 s/o R. J. & A. L. Bower; Age 4y; [Photo]  
CREE, George M.   20 Jun 1886 Age 64y 8m 11d; s/o David & Elizabeth (Krise) Cree; h/o Mary Elizabeth (Peterson); [Photo]  
CREE, Infant     no dates; c/o George Martin & Mary Elizabeth Cree  
CREE, Ira George   20 Jul ? s/o George Martin & Mary Elizabeth Cree; [Photo]  
CREE, Mary E.   30 Jun 1881 w/o George Martin Cree; age 59y 14d; d/o Robert & Elizabeth (Hollingsworth) Peterson; [Photo]  
EAKIN, Samuel   15 Sep 1876 50y 9m 26d; [Photo]  
FRY, Leroy   27 Jan 1883 s/o J.E. & E. Fry; age 2m 4d; [Photo]  
FULTON, A.   11 Dec 1886 s/o W. D. & F. A. Fulton; age 8y 10m 8d; Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on his gentle breast. Therely his love o'er shaded, sweetly my soul shall rest; [Photo]  
FULTON, George M.   13 Sep 1886 s/o W. D. & F. A. Fulton; age 9m 17d; He gathers the lambs in his bosom; [Photo]  
FULTON, Harry A.   10 Jul 1886 s/o William Duffy & Florence Annabelle Fulton; age 5y, 9d; One less to love on earth, one more in Heaven; [Photo]  
GALLAHER, Laura B.   8 Sep 1880 d/o W. & M. E. Gallaher; age 2y 2m 1d; [Photo]  
GARMAN, Ella F.   1 Feb 1881 d/o A. & L. Garman; age 1m 2d; On Mother's breast the angel babe is gone to rest; [Photo]  
GARMAN, Harry B.   26 Sep 1877 s/o A. & L. Garman; age 5y 2m 25d; To Earth a child is lost, To Heaven a cherub born; [Photo]  
GLASGOW, Charlie L.   8 Sep 1881 s/o T. E. & S. E. Glasgow; age 11d; [Photo]  
GLASGOW, Harry C. 1904 1904 s/o Samuel & Verbeena J. Glasgow; on same stone with Martha J.; [Photo]  
GLASGOW, John   12 Jan 1881 s/o John & Margaret (Bell) Glasgow; h/o Sarah J. (Leamer); age 64y; [Photo]  
GLASGOW, Martha J. 1883 1891 d/o Samuel & Verbeena J. Glasgow; [Photo]  
GLASGOW, Rausel E.   4 Oct 18?? s/o T.E. & S. E. Glasgow; [Photo]  
GLASGOW, Sarah J.   31 Aug 1865 d/o George & Mary (Sievers) Leamer; w/o John Glasgow; age 45y 1m 24d; [Photo]  
HOLLAND, Hugh     Co F., 49th Pa Inf.; [Photo]  
IRWIN, John R.   26 Feb 1882 In the 82nd year of his life.; Why should one day in another flower, when God recalls his own; [Photo]  
IRWIN, Mabel E.   15 Apr 1883 d/o J. B. & Catherine Irwin; age 1y 9m 12d; [Photo]  
IRWIN, R. Curten   4 Apr 1882 s/o A. B. & C. B. Irwin; age 18y 6m 16d; Fondly loved and sadly missed; [Photo]  
JASPER, Elizabeth   3 Jun 1887 d/o H. & Ellen Jasper; age 3 m 1d; Inscription on stone for all Jasper children: We miss the bright eyes of our darling children and the soft rosy lips that so often smiled; [Photo]  
JASPER, Harry   18 Jul 1888 s/o H. & Ellen Jasper; age 4 m 15 d; [Photo]  
JASPER, Margaret H.   2 Sep 1886 d/o H. & Ellen Jasper; age 11 m; [Photo]  
JASPER, Minnie   6 Aug 1889 d/o H. & Ellen Jasper; age 4m 2d; [Photo]  
KING, Alice C.   5 Aug 1884 d/o Thomas D. & Annie K. (Hommer) King; age 1y 4m 7d; [Photo]  
KING, Herman   15 Nov 1885 s/o Thomas D. & Annie K. (Hommer) King; age 3m; [Photo]  
KRISE, Oliver Perry 1 Aug 1824 4 Mar 1882 Co D 53rd Pa Inf; [Photo]  
KUHN, Amanda   26 Jan 1861 d/o George W. & Caroline (Troxell) Kuhn; age 2y 8m 4d; [Photo]  
KUHN, Elizabeth   25 Jan 1869 w/o John Kuhn; age 63y 1m 20d; [Photo]  
KUHN, Susan   11 Oct 1865 d/o George W. and Caroline (Troxell) Kuhn; age 8y 6m 16d; [Photo]  
KUHN, Susan J.   13 Feb 1864 d/o J. & E. Kuhn; age 17y 6m 9d; [Photo]  
LEAMER, George     no stone; George and Mary are buried in the John Glasgow lot.  
LEAMER, Mary 1788 25 Aug 1867 Maiden name Sievers; w/o George Leamer; [Photo]  
LUMADUE, Ann R.     d/o Isaac & Anna (Law) Ricketts; w/o Timothy Lumadue; Erected by: Della Rumbarger, Fannie & Stewart Knepp; [Photo]  
LUMADUE, Timothy   25 Aug 1867 age 74y 29d; born in New Jersey; [Photo]  
LUMADUE, Timothy Jr. 1840 4 Oct 1881 s/o Timothy & Ann (Ricketts) Lumadue; h/o Harriet (Thurston) Lumadue; [Photo]  
MATTHEWS, Bennet F.   28 Oct 1865 d/o J. & E. Matthews; age 5y 9m 21d; [Photo]  
MATTHEWS, Catharine   22 Nov 1866 maiden name Enders; w/o Samuel Matthews; age 66y 4m 21d; [Photo]  
MATTHEWS, Elizabeth E. (Gala) 1840 1903 w/o Jacob Matthews; age 63y; [Photo]  
MATTHEWS, Jacob 1834 1898 s/o Samuel & Catherine (Enders) Matthews; h/o Elizabeth E. (Gala); age 64y; [Photo]  
MATTHEWS, Olie G.   27 Dec 1881 d/o J. & E. Matthews; [Photo]  
MATTHEWS, Samuel 1798 1881 h/o Catherine (Enders) Matthews; [Photo]  
MATTHEWS, Willie E.   16 Oct 1865 s/o J. & E. Matthews; age 1y 1m; [Photo]  
MCCARTNEY, Annie   23 Feb 1883 d/o Hugh & Mrs. Gallagher; w/o James McCartney; age 69y 2m 20d; [Photo]  
MCCARTNEY, George W.   6 Oct 1860 s/o J. D. & A. M. McCartney; age 21y 6m; Loved while on earth; ____ though gone.; [Photo]  
MCCARTNEY, Jas. 19 Jan 1814 18 Oct 1897 s/o William & Jane (Wilson) McCartney; h/o Annie (Gallagher) McCartney  
MYERS, Mary Ann   9 Oct 1901 maiden name McFarland; w/o Michael Martin Myers; age 76y 2m 18d; Our Mother; [Photo]  
MYERS, Michael Martin   21 Sep 1889 h/o Mary Ann (McFarland) Myers; age 69y 6m 7d; Co. I 205 Pa. Vol.; Our Father; [Photo]  
PETERSON, J. T.   19 Mar 1897 s/o Robert James & Elizabeth (Hollingsworth) Peterson; h/o Catherine (Miller) Peterson; age 65y 10m 5d; [Photo]  
PETERSON, Jacob E. E.   19 Jun 1881 s/o John Taylor & Catherine (Miller) Peterson; age 19y 6m 21d; I will arise and go to my Father; In life beloved, in death lamented; [Photo]  
PETERSON, Sarah H.   15 Apr 1866 d/o JohnTaylor & Catherine (Miller) Peterson; age 6m 20d; One less to love on Earth, one more Angel in Heaven; [Photo]  
SCHMIDT, Clara     no date; d/o E. F. & M. J. Schmidt; age 4 m; A loved one from us has gone; [Photo]  
SCHMIDT, Ernit F.     age 62y; Co F 74th PA Vols; Thy will, not mine, be done; [Photo]  
STAYNER, Ellis H.   10 Aug 1881 s/o J. A. & M. C. Stayner; age 6y 9m 8d  
STAYNER, Robert M.   15 Aug 1881 s/o J. A. & M. C. Stayner; age 8y 4d; He gathers the lambs in his bosom; [Photo]  
STAYNER, Rozella A.   17 Aug 1881 d/o J. A. & M. C. Stayner; age 4y 2m 21d; Fondly loved and sadly missed; [Photo]  
TRIER, Jacob   15 Feb 1879 age 75y 3m 10d; God of love hath taken him home to himself again; [Photo]  
VAN ORMER, Laura M.   8 Oct 1871 d/o Joseph & Sara J. (Cubbison) Van Ormer; age 5y 2m 10d; [Photo]  
WILLIAMS, Alverda   18 Sep 1884 d/o J. & L. Williams; age 1m 8d; A jewel returned; [Photo]  
_____, Bessie A.   13 Sep 1889 age 10m 22d; [Photo]  
_____, Sarah A.   12 Feb 1895 age 3m 9d; [Photo]  

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