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Potter Cemetery
Upper Yoder Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Data provided by Brian J. Ensley, 18 Dec 1999.

This cemetery was last updated and photographed in 2008.

Photograph contributed by Richard Thomas

Some of the information contained here was obtained from newspaper obituaries, collaboration with other people, such as Sharon Trosan, or other sources. All attempts were made to be as complete and accurate as possible. Also, Brian, along with neighbors who live near the cemetery, have taken steps to replace the Civil War marker for S. E. Potter, as it was barely readable. As you can see from the photograph contributed by Richard Thomas, this was accomplished.

Mary, widow, of Jesse Potter, married Jacob Croyle in 1863, according to an article on the Croyle family that appeared in "The Johnstown Tribune", September 4, 1896.

Barbara Maeier's last name was Meyer in the census records and in her obituary and she died at the home of Christian Straub (relationship to him is unknown).

Frederick Fender's first wife is buried in the Dunmyer Lutheran Cemetery in Adams Township, Cambria County., PA. Mary (Clinger) Price later married a Mr. Donaldson and moved to Johnstown. After the death of Mary (Croyle) Miltenberger, her husband, Henry, moved out west and remarried. Philip Croyle (died 1849) was married twice but both died long before him and it is not known if they are buried here.

Note: This information has not been provided by any official cemetery source. It is offered here as a tool to promote further research and should NOT be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.

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Name Birth Death Comments Plot
CLINGER, John   3 Oct 1864 Age 64y 8m 9d; [Photo]  
CLINGER, Joseph   21 Aug 1854 Age 22y 5m 4d  
CLINGER, Julian M.   13 Nov 1862 Age 55y 5m 26d; [Photo]  
CLINGER, William   10 Feb 1864 Age 25y 4m 5d; [Photo]  
CROYLE, Adaline (Ripple)   2 Apr 1898 w/o Cyrus Croyle; Age 55y 7m 8d; [Photo]  
CROYLE, Cyrus   15 Apr 1916 h/o Adaline; Age 73y 8m 14d; [Photo]  
CROYLE, Jacob 28 Aug 815 27 Jun 1898    
CROYLE, Mary Ann (Wingard) 1 Jul 1812 Bef. 1862    
CROYLE, Philip Abt. 1762 Dec 1849    
CROYLE, Samuel   8 Sep 1874 Age 50y  
FENDER, Charles   10 Aug 1876 9m 29d; s/o F. & M. Fender; [Photo]  
FENDER, Elizabeth        
FENDER, Frederick, Jr.   14 Dec 1879 Age 17y 7m 3d; [Photo]  
FENDER, Frederick, Sr.   15 Sep 1902 Age 81y 5m 27d; h/o 1) Elizabeth (Keiper), 2) Mary (Michaels); [Photo]  
FENDER, Louisa   27 Dec 1879 Age 18y  
FENDER, Mary (Michaels)   2 Jul 1899 Age 64y 10d 17d; 2nd w/o Frederick Fender, Sr.; [Photo]  
FENDER, Mary Ann   23 Dec 1879 Age 21y; d/o F. & M. Fender; [Photo]  
GARDNER, Florence R. 7 Apr 1896 19 Dec 1908 [Photo]  
MAEIER, Andrew Abt. 1818      
MAEIER, Barbara 27 Mar 1815 20 Dec 1896 Mother  
MILTENBERGER, Mary (Croyle)   1832 w/o Henry Miltenberger  
NUNDLE, Henry 1810 22 Nov 1861 b. Wurtemburg; h/o Louisa  
POTTER, Jesse 1810 1854    
POTTER, Mary (Gardner) 1810 14 May 1901    
POTTER, Samuel E. 1839 Oct 1863 GAR; Pvt Co F, 21st PA Cavalry; [Photo]  
PRICE, George S.   1 Feb 1857 Age 10m 12d; s/o James & Mary (Clinger) Price; [Photo]  
PRICE, James M.   2 Dec 1855 Age 75y 4m 24d; h/o Mary Clinger; [Photo]  
ROSE, David 1 Mar 1815 15 Mar 1889 Father; [Photo]  
ROSE, Elizabeth (Croyle) 10 Feb 1817 13 Sep 1885 Mother; w/o David Rose; [Photo]  
STRAUB, Catherine 27 Sep 1880 6 Feb 1884 d/o Christian & Barbara Straub  
STRAUB, Christian Jacob 17 Aug 1837 2 Dec 1903 Father; [Photo]  
STRAUB, Jacob 18 Aug 1872 27 May 1880 s/o Christian & Barbara Straub  
STRAUB, Louis 21 Jan 1878 29 May 1880 s/o Christian & Barbara Straub  
STRAUB, Mary Barbara   18 Oct 1914 Age 73y  
STRAUB, Selma 9 Jun 1875 15 Jun 1880 d/o Christian & Barbara Straub  
UMBAUGH, William A. 22 Sep 1871 5 Dec 1904 Husband; [Photo]  
WHITE, Conrad Apr 1819 7 May 1893 [Photo]  
WHITE, Louisa 4 Feb 1824 4 Feb 1904 w/o 1) Henry Nundle, 2) Conrad White; [Photo]  

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