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Wingard Cemetery
Richland Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Contributed by Brian J. Ensley.

This cemetery was last updated and photographed in 2005.

Photo contributed by Brian L. Cartwright.

Unidentified Tombstone Pictures

NOTE:  There are also many other fieldstones, unmarked and missing stones.

Note: This information has not been provided by any official cemetery source. It is offered here as a tool to promote further research and should NOT be considered as verified proof for genealogical records.

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Name Birth Death Comments Location
BOMGARDNER, Infant Son     no date; s/o A. & A.; [Photo]  
DW J.4 1873 7 Sep 1877 Fieldstone; [Photo]  
EASH, Moses D.   10 Mar 1915 Aged 87y 11m 8d; [Photo]  
EASH, Polly (Wingard)   28 Jun 1898 Aged 66y 6m; w/o M. Eash; [Photo]  
EW     no date; Fieldstone  
JW   Nov 1877 Fieldstone; date could be birth or death date  
MISHLER, Lydia (Eash)   27 Jan 1900 Aged 85y 1m 11d; w/o T. Mishler; [Photo]  
MISHLER, Tobias 10 Aug 1809 15 Apr 1878 age 68y 8m 5d; ; [Photo]  
WEAVER, Barbara (Wingard)   23 Mar 1868 Aged 29y 5m 7d; [Photo]  
WEAVER, Catharine   3 Jan 1879 Aged 19y 3m; [Photo]  
WEAVER, Infant son     no date; s/o L. & B. Weaver; [Photo]  
WEAVER, Levi   8 Apr 1866 Aged 31y 3m 26d; [Photo]  
WINGARD, Amelia (Yoder)   19 Jan 1898 Aged 65y 6m 28d; [Photo]  
WINGARD, Daniel   9 Jul 1906 Aged 54y 5m 28d; [Photo]  
WINGARD, Emanuel   10 Feb 1881 Aged 11m 8d; [Photo]  
WINGARD, J.     no date; Fieldstone  
WINGARD, Jacob   3 Sep 1880 Aged 78y; [Photo]  
WINGARD, Levi   5 Nov 1909 Aged 66y 2m 7d; [Photo]  
WINGARD, Lucinda 4 Nov 1871 2 Sep 1873 [Photo]  
WINGARD, Maria (Lehman)   29 Mar 1882 Aged 82y 2m; w/o Jacob; [Photo]  
WINGARD, Peter   23 Apr 1900 Aged 70y 3m 26d; [Photo]  
WINGARD, Polly (Mishler)   4 May 1928 Aged 82y 11m 3d; [Photo]  

Results 1 - 22 of 22 Page 1 of 1

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