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Wills are a very important part of genealogical research. In many cases, proof of relationship between parent and child can be found in these documents. In many cases in earlier wills, a witness to a man's will can be a brother of his wife, leaving "clues" to her maiden name. Copies of wills can be obtained from various places, among them:

Place Information
Cambria County Courthouse See 'What's at the Courthouse' for further information on obtaining copies.
W. David Samuelsen See SAMPUBCO for further information and current pricing for obtaining copies. He has indexes available at his web-site.
Your local Family History Center Check with your local center to obtain cost of renting microfilm and per page copy charge. See 'Family History Centers' to search for a center near you. (See below)

The Cambria County Will books (volumes 1-10) have been microfilmed by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These microfilms are available for rental from at the Family History Centers mentioned above. Film numbers of these will books are as follows:

Film Number Contents Years
1294599 v. 1 - 3 (p.1-473) 1808-1883 Vol. 1 indexed by Tom Wills
1294600 v. 3 (p.473-end) 1883-1886  
1316241 v. 4 - 5 (p.1-480) 1886-1899  
1316242 v. 5 (p.480-end) - 7 (p.1-400) 1899-1907 indexed by Lisa Baker
1316243 v. 7 (p.400-end) - 9 (p.1-335) 1907-1913
1316244 v. 9 (p.335-end) - 10 1913-1918

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