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    Among the deeds and messages of charity were a few that especially demand recording. One came from the White House, and was addressed to Mr. E.K. Johnson, Treasurer of the Citizen's Relief Committee of Washington, as follows:
    “Executive Mansion, June 14th, 1889.
    “My Dear Mr. Johnson: - The President directs me to enclose you this check for $300, payable to your order, for the relief of the Johnstown sufferers. You will remember that on Saturday morning following the announcement of the terrible calamity, he telegraphed Governor Beaver, authorizing the Mayor of Johnstown to draw on him for this amount, thinking thereby to expedite the immediate relief which would be necessary. Up to the present time no draft has been made, and therefore he takes the liberty of making the contribution through you to the Washington fund. If any draft should be made upon him from Penn-


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