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they will be properly distributed if designated specially for that purpose. If persons who have already contributed desire that their contributions should be appropriated toward this object, a simple intimation from them as to their wishes will be sufficient.
    By June 25th the condition of affairs had so far been ameliorated that a citizens' meeting was held, at which a resolution was adopted, to the effect that the time had arrived for a reduction of the supplies daily distributed, and that General Hastings be requested to take measures to that end. Two days later the Johnstown Finance Committee sent out an appeal to all Committees holding funds for the relief of the Johnstown sufferers, representing the urgent necessity for the prompt and wise use of the money so generously contributed, and declaring that, large as these sums were, they would be utterly inadequate to do more than mitigate the present distress, and aid the community in making an effort for self help. They urged that the money be forwarded without delay, and said that it was their intention, after the completion of an accurate registration of the survivors, to divide the money which the Committee now holds equally among them, and to continue the distribution as the money came in, on a basis equitable to all and satisfactory to the country.
    “The registration spoken of,” the Committee

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