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priety of using the money contributed by generous donors for the benefit of individual sufferers, for the purpose of starting men in business, might be questioned, particularly if that business should prove remunerative hereafter. There can be little doubt, however, that the most useful and judicious expenditure at the present moment for the entire people of the region would be a fund which could be used for putting up simple board shanties in which business might be commenced by the courageous business men of Johnstown, who have signified their intention of remaining where they are and assisting in building up the ruins that speak so eloquently in their behalf. Credit is tendered them to any extent by merchants in our great trading centres. What they need is simply a cover for their goods and wares. Contributions in kind, or specially designated for the purpose of building board shanties in which business can be commenced would be a great boon to the entire community and will tend more than anything else at the present moment to the restoration of the normal condition of affairs at that community. One firm in the far West offered days ago twenty-five car-loads of lumber, with the expressed intention of doubling it. Such gifts would be more than acceptable at this time. They can be consigned to General D. H. Hastings, Johnstown, Pa., who will see that

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