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    Binghamton, June 5. - More than $2600 will be sent to Johnstown from this city. Lieutenant-Governor Jones telegraphed that he would subscribe $100.
    Albany, June 5. - Mayor Maher has telegraphed the Mayor of Pittsburg to draw on him for $3000. The fund being raised by The Morning Express amounts to over $1141.
    Lebanon, Penn., June 5. - This city will raise $5000 for the sufferers.
    Rochester, June 5. - Over $400 was subscribed to the Red Cross relief fund today and $119 to a newspaper fund besides.
    Cleveland, June 5. - The cash collected in this city up to this evening is $38,000. Ten car-loads of merchandise were shipped to Johnstown today, and a special train of twenty-eight car-loads of lumber, from Cleveland dealers, left here tonight.
    Fonda, N.Y., June 5. - The people of Johnstown, N.Y., instead of making an appropriation with which to celebrate the Fourth of July, will send $1000 to the sufferers at Johnstown, Pa.
    New Haven, June 5. - Over $2000 has been collected here.
    Wilmington, Del, June 5. - This city's fund has reached $470. The second car-load of supplies will be shipped tomorrow.
    Glens Falls, N.Y., June 5. - Subscriptions here today amounted to $622.

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