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    The language of pathos is too weak to describe the scenes where the living were searching for their loved and lost ones among the dead.
     "That's Emma," said an old man before one of the bodies. He said it as coolly as though he spoke of his daughter in life, not in death, and as if it were not the fifth dead child of his that he had identified.
    "Is that you, Mrs. James," said one woman to another on the foot-bridge over Stony Creek.
    "Yes, it is, and we are all well," said Mrs. James.
    "Oh, have you heard from Mrs. Fenton?"
    "She's left," said the first woman. "but Mr. Fenton and the children are gone."
    "The scenes at the different relief agencies, where food, clothing, and provisions were given out on the order of the Citizens Committee, were extremely interesting. These were established


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