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Pictures of the Flood Drawn by Eye-witnesses -- A Score of Locomotives Swallowed up -- Railroad Cars Swept away -- Engineers who would not Abandon their Posts -- Awful Scenes from a Car Window -- A Race for Life -- Victims of the Flood 81
Some Heroes of the Flood -- The Ride of Collins Graves at Williamsburg Recalled -- John G. Parke's Heroic Warning -- Gallant Self-sacrifice of Daniel Peyton -- Mrs. Ogle, the Intrepid Telegraph Operator -- Wholesale Life Saving by Miss Nina Speck 97
Stories of Suffering -- A Family Swept away at a Stroke -- Beside a Sister's Corpse -- A Bride Driven Mad -- The Unidentified Dead -- Courage in the Face of Death -- Thanking God his Child had not Suffered -- One Saved out of a Household of Thirteen -- Five Saved out of Fifty-Five 106
Stories of Railroad Men and Travelers who were in the Midst of the Catastrophe -- A Train's Race with the Wave -- Housses Crushed like Eggshells -- Relics of the Dead in the Tree tops -- A Night of Horrors -- Fire and Flood Commingled -- Lives Lost for the Sake of a Pair of Shoes 119
Scenes in a House of Refuge -- Stealing from the Dead -- A Thousand Bodies seen Passing over the Bridge -- "Kill us, or Rescue us!" -- Thrilling Escapes and Agonizing Losses -- Children Born amid the Flood -- A Night in Alma Hall -- Saved through Fear 135
The Flight to the Mountains -- Saving a Mother and her Babe -- The Hillsides Black with Refugees -- An Engineer's Story -- How the Dam gave away -- Great Trees Snapped off like Pipe-stems by the Torrent 147

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