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The Conemaugh Valley in Springtime -- Johnstown and its Suburbs -- Founded a Hundred Years ago -- The Cambria Iron Works -- History of a Famous Industry -- American Manufacturing Enterprise Exemplified -- Making Besemer Steel -- Social and Educational Features -- The Busiest City of its Size in the State 15
Conemaugh Lake -- Remains of an Old-time Canal System -- Used for the Pleasure of Sportsmen -- The Hunting and Fishing Club -- Popular Distrust Growing into Indifference -- The Old Cry of "Wolf!" -- Building a Dam of Straw and Mud -- Neglect Ripening into Fitness for a Catastrophe 31
Dawning of the Fatal Day -- Darkness and Rain -- Rumors of Evil -- The Warning Voice Unheeded -- A Whirlwind of Watery Death -- Fate of a Faithful Telegrapher -- What an Eye-Witness Saw -- A Solid Wall of Water Rushing Down the Valley 42
The Pathway of the Torrent -- Human Beings Swept away like Chaff -- The Twilight of Terror -- The Wreck of East Conemaugh -- Annihilation of Woodvale -- Locomotives Tossed about like Cockle-shells by the might Maelstrom 51
"Johnstown is Annihilated" -- Appearance of the Wreck -- An Awful Sabbath Spectacle -- A Sea of Mud and Corpses -- The City in a Gigantic Whirlpool -- Strange Tokens of the Fury of the Flood -- Scene from the Bridge -- Sixty Acres of Debris -- A Carnival of Slaughter 66


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