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History of Cambria County, V.3

when he took up surveying as a profession, and was engaged in this line of work in Bedford, Somerset and Cambria counties. For a time he held a position with the Cambria Iron Company, but abandoned this and returned to his calling of surveying. He was occupied in surveying coal lands, locating for coal, surveying for coal operators, and settling land difficulties in general. In addition to his ditties in this direction he found time to teach in the public schools of Richland township and Johnstown for thirteen terms with a most gratifying amount of success. He was also active in the political affairs of the county, and was elected to the office of county surveyor in 1856, holding it until the close of the Civil war. He now (1906) resides on a valuable piece of property on Napoleon street, Johnstown, his present residence having been erected in 1863.
    Mr. Slick married (first) June 29, 1848, Mary Jane Culberson, had children: Martha Ann, Dorcas J., Hamilton B. and Janetta. He married (second) Kate Geissen, daughter of Henry Geissen.

    THOMAS BARNES, a well known resident of Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, and a member of the firm of the Cambria Plumbing Company, in that city, is a representative of the third generation of this branch of the Barnes family in the United States.
    John Barnes, grandfather of Thomas Barnes, and the first of the family to come to this country, emigrated from Swanage, England, with his family in 1830, and settled in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. His home was located at the corner of Main and Walnut streets on the present site of the Capitol Hotel. He was a wheelwright by trade, and was one of the pioneers in the business life of Johnstown. For many years, he was extensively engaged in the manufacture of steel for railroad purposes, his business being located where the present firm of Love & Sunshine, wholesale grocers, is now situated. He married, in England, Elizabeth Chinchon, 1816, and they were the parents of: 1. Charles, married Mary Sheppard, had one child: Mary, now deceased. 2. Ann, married Jacob Sharretts, had children: Belle, Kate, William, Ann and Edward. 3. John, married (first) Emma Sheppard, had children: Charles, Lida, Emma and John; married (second) Jennie Pringle, had one child, Ronald. 4. James, see forward. 5. Mary, married Perry Williams, and now resides at Shellburg, Bedford county, Pennsylvania. They have children: Bert, Robert, Lillian, Kate and Clarence. 6. Robert, a physician in Youngstown, Ohio. He married Christina Ollendorffer, had children: Harry, Elizabeth, Charles and Myrtle.
    James Barnes, third son and fourth child of John and Elizabeth (Chinchon) Barnes, was born in England in 1828, and was two years of age when he came to America with his parents. His education was acquired in the public schools of Johnstown, and it was in the same city that he learned the trade of wagon building under the able instruction of his father. He followed this trade throughout the greater part of his life. While still a young man he entered the employ of the Cambria Iron Company, remained with them for a period of about four years, and, the gold fever being at its height just about that time, went to the state of California. There he worked for several years in the gold fields, accumulated a considerable fortune, and then returned to Johnstown, where he invested his money in real estate and resided until the great flood of 1889. He married, at New Florence, August 5, 1864, Harriet McDowell, daughter of John R. and Hannah (Ward) McDowell, and they had children: Arvilla. Robert, died in childhood. Thomas, see forward. Blanche, a

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