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History of Cambria County, V.3

traveling still farther west killed buffalo on the way. He remained in the gold fields for four years, was exceedingly successful there, and then returned to his home by way of the isthmus. Shortly after his return he engaged in the hotel business at Jenner Cross Roads, the house being named the Union Hotel, a name he was obliged to change while the Civil war was in progress. He removed to Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, in l861, and there rented the old "Merchants' Hotel" for a period of three years, paying one thousand dollars. At the expiration of this period he accepted a position in the converting department of the Cambria Steel Works, remained with them until 1890, at which time he retired from active business life. At the time of the flood of May, 1889, his house was situated on Stony Creek street, but his entire family was saved. He erected his present residence at No. 218 Market street, in 1898. He is the owner of the old homestead in Somerset county, and it has been found that this property is underlaid with rich deposits of coal. He is a member of no church, but adheres to the Quaker faith. He has always given his support to the Republican party.
    Mr. Griffith married, 1858, in Somerset, Minnie Parsons, born 1832, daughter of James Parsons, who is a hotel keeper at Somerset, and also runs stage lines between Johnstown, Cumberland, and other points. The children of Mr. and Mrs. David Griffith were: 1. Charles, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this work. 2. James, foreman in the roll shop of the Cambria Steel Works. He married Kate Shatto. 3. Jennie, married Speck Hermann, died in Johnstown. November, 1906. 4. Annie. at home. 5. Minnie, at home. 6. Grace, at home. 7. Dr. William, a dentist, resides with his parents. 8. Dorsey, a hotel proprietor at Kerwinsville, Center county, Pennsylvania. Married Mrs. Kate Clark.

    JOSEPH BROTZ, deceased, who for a number of years filled very efficiently and capably the position of foreman of the Bessemer department of the Cambria Steel Works, was a native of Germany, and traced his descent to an honored family of Switzerland.
    Pankratz Brotz, father of Joseph Brotz, was born in Zurich, Switzerland, about the year 1837 He migrated to Germany, where he lived some years, and from thence emigrated to the United States in 1863, with his wife and family. He made his first home in this country in Altoona, Pennsylvania, where he engaged in the coopering and brewing business with a fair amount of success. After some years residence in that town he removed to Allegheny, where he remained until 1874, when he located in Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, where he continued the same line of business. He removed his business to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, in 1866, and after eight years of active work in that city returned to Johnstown and found employment with the Cambria Steel Company. This position he held until the terrible flood of May, 1889, when he lost his life in that disaster, as did also his wife. He was generally successful in all his business undertakings, and was highly esteemed for his sterling qualities and upright character. His death was deeply deplored by numerous friends as well as a devoted and loving family. In politics, he was a stanch supporter of the Democratic party. He married Lena Weber, daughter of John Weber, and they had children: 1. Joseph, see forward. 2. Mary, died in early youth. 3. George, died young. 4. Annie, married John Ducoty, now resides in Elyria, Ohio, and has children: Lewis. Annie, and Magdalen. 5. Kate, married Charles Hammer, of Buffalo, New York, and has two children: Charles and Jo-

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