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History of Cambria County, V.3

and Louella. 3. John, died in infancy. 4. George, also died in infancy. 5. Emma Kate, likewise died in infancy. 6. Lydia Jane, wife of John W. Michaels, of Beaversdale, Pennsylvania, children: Margaret, Mary, Thomas, Ellis, John, Talmage, Blanche, Martha and Helen. 7. Mary Edith, wife of Edward Ream, children: Richard and Marian. 8. Harry L., of whom later. 9. Isaac Ralph, married Jennie Iskis, children: Ethel and Martha, 10. Charles Irwin, born March 4, 1880, served in hospital corps of United States army during Spanish-American war, enlisting in Philadelphia, May 8, 1898, and serving at United States army barracks, Washington, District of Columbia, and at Fort McPherson, Georgia, being honorably discharged at the latter place December 23, 1898. The same year he entered the service of the Cambria Steel Company and is now a clerk in the steel mill office. 11. Sarah G., wife of William Swank, children Gladys May, deceased; and Clarence, deceased.
    William H. Coleman, son of Herman and Sarah (Trent) Coleman, was born April 11, 1856, at what is now known as No. 622 Franklin street, Johnstown, and was educated in the public schools of his native city, afterward attending the Johnstown night school at the old Union School house. He was for a time employed at James Robb's brickyard and for a year worked in Swank's Pottery. He then found employment at the Cambria Iron Works, remaining with the company until 1890, when he was appointed letter carrier by Postmaster J. Earle Ogle. In 1893, when President Harrison extended civil service to all free deliver offices, Mr. Coleman was appointed chairman of the examining board for the Johnstown office, which was composed of three members. June 27, 1904, the board reduced to two, he was re-appointed. When the city of Johnstown was incorporated he was elected to the common council and served in that body until his appointment as letter carrier, when he resigned in order to take up his new duties. He is a Republican, and a member of the Lutheran church.
    Mr. Coleman married, August 28, 1879, Rachel, daughter of William and Julia (Dively) Strauss, and the following children have been born to them: Edward H., married Vera Miller, one child, Leroy M., David W., Catharine M., William H., Helen I., Herbert K., Ruth E., al at home.
    Harry L. Coleman, son of Herman and Sarah (Trent) Coleman, was born September 1, 1874, in Johnstown, where he attended the public schools until the age of thirteen. He then found employment with the Johnson Company, with whom he learned the moulder's trade, and remained with the company (now the Lorain Steel Company) to the present time, being now the holder of a lucrative and responsible position. Like his brother, he adheres to and advocates the principles tire Republican party, giving to the organization the aid of his vote and influence. He is a member of the Presbyterian church.
    Mr. Coleman married Louvora Lomison, by whom he has had the following children: Mildred L., Jean T., and Miriam St. Claire, deceased.

    ABRAHAM FYOCK, a retired farmer of Johnstown, Cambria county Pennsylvania, who has achieved prominence and veneration for his work in the interests of the Dunkard church of Walnut Grove, is a descendant of German ancestry.
    Jacob Fyock, father of Abraham Fyock, was born about the year 1812. He purchased a large tract of land in Conemaugh township, near the Frankstown road, and this he cleared of timber, proceeded to

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