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History of Cambria County, V.3

    Of the subject's mother, it may be said that she was as born in Munster township, Cambria county, 1856, the daughter of Daniel and Susan (O'Connell) O'Hara, both natives of the same county. She died in 1888, aged thirty-two years.

    JOHN THOMAS BLAIR, one of the successful business men of the borough of Ebensburg Pennsylvania, was born at that place, July 2, 1861, son of John A. and Jane N. (Evans) Blair, and is one of eleven children in the family, eight of whom still live:
    1. Worthy, of Ebensburg. 2. Margaret, wife of Thomas McDermott, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 3. Jennie, wife of the Deputy Sheriff, M. D. Beaver, of Cambria county. 4. John Thomas, of whom later. 5. Cornelia, wife of W. A. Harn, Johnstown. 6. Anna, wife of 0. E. Wilkinson, Ebensburg. 7. Joseph R., Elyria, Ohio. 8. Harry E., of Ebensburg. The deceased members of the family were: Melissa, Mary, died at about twenty-three years of age. Celestine J., died at the age of forty-one years; was for two terms register and recorder of Cambria county; deputy sheriff two terms, and deputy treasurer one term. He left a widow and eight children, namely: Frank, Mary Grace, Louise, Pauline, Jessie, Catharine, Celestine, and Fannie. The father was a veteran in the Mexican war, also ex-treasurer and ex-sheriff of Cambria county, and one of the leading politicians of the county.
    John T. Blair acquired his education in the public schools of Ebensburg, and in young manhood went to Johnstown, where he served an apprenticeship at the trade of butcher. He returned to his native place, for two and a half years was a clerk in the county recorder's office, and in 1889 engaged in the butcher business at Ebensburg, being associated with the meat trade up to 1896, when he disposed of his market and gave his entire attention to the ice business. In this he was highly successful, and extended it to include both the wholesale and retail business. In 1897 he acquired the property of Lake Rowena, a clear body of water, originating in pure springs, covering a territory of twenty-two acres, from which he derives his ice supply. In 1897 Mr. Blair opened a modern pool and billiard room, and in 1905 added a bowling alley, giving him now one of the most up-to-date amusement parlors in his section of the county. He is a Democrat, and in religious faith a Catholic Among the societies to which he belongs is the Knights of Columbus.
    Mr. Blair married, November 11, 1902, Sarah C. Mellon, daughter of Esquire James Mellon, of Patton, Pennsylvania. By this marriage were born: Ellen Frances, Elizabeth Ann, and Cecilia Virginia.

    MICHAEL H. NAGLE, of Hastings, was born March 5, 1844, in Carroll township, and is a representative of a family which was founded in this country by Richard Nagle, who came hither from Ireland before the revolutionary war. Throughout the conflict he served under Washington and was a good soldier, his courage and endurance more than making up for his deficiency in size. During an engagement in which he participated he was completely covered with earth by the discharge of the enemy's artillery, and as soon as he could speak his first words were: "God damn their souls!" After the close of the war he settled in Pennsylvania, where he died.
    Jacob Nagle, son of Richard Nagle, was born in Ireland, and came to this country when a young man. He settled in Carroll township, where he worked as a laborer before purchasing his farm. He was a Democrat and a Roman Catholic. He married Honor Baum, who bore

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