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History of Cambria County, V.3

company of hardy mountaineers and was chosen their lieutenant. They marched to the shores of Lake Erie, and there fought bravely in defense of their country. After the war the victorious soldiers returned to their mountain homes. Emericus became known as "Old 'Squire Bender." He died January 26, 1869. He was the father of nine children, four sons and five daughters. The youngest child being John, father of Albert E. Bender.
    John Bender, son of Emericus Bender, was born in Carroll township, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, December 8, 1828. He acquired, by purchase, a portion of the second tract of land which had been bought by his father, which was located three-quarters of a mile cast of Carrolltown. In 1882 he removed to St. Augustine and engaged in the hotel business with one of his sons, Albert E., whose name heads this sketch. He came to Ebensburg in 1885, and became the proprietor of the "Cambria House" on the site of the present "Metropolitan Hotel." He removed to Altoona, Pennsylvania, 1893, where he lived in retirement from businesses activities until his death, January, 1905. His widow still resides in Altoona. He married Barbara Buser, and they had ten children, of whom the following named are now living: 1. Albert E., of whom later. 2. Melinda, married Charles Burns, of Altoona, Pennsylvania. 3. Mary, unmarried, lives at home. 4. Maud, married Dr. E. J. Bradley, of Gallitzin. 5. Vincent, resident of Altoona, Pennsylvania. 6. Francis, a bugler in the regular army, resides in San Francisco, California.
    Albert E. Bender, eldest child of John and Barbara (Buser) Bender, was born in Carroll township, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, April 3, 1854. He was brought up at home on the farm, and was educated in the common schools of the district. He remained on the farm for some time after completing his education, working for his father, and then removed to St. Augustine. From this time until 1893 he was associated with his father in the hotel enterprises of the latter, and upon the removal of his father to Altoona, Albert E. continued in this business alone. When the old "Cambria Hotel" was torn down preparatory to erecting the present "Metropolitan Hotel," Mr. Bender purchased the old Collins' property and remodeled it, making it perfectly modern in every respect. He keeps himself well-posted on all the improvements made in his line of business and introduces them as soon as practicable, making his hotel the resort of all who care for elegant, commodious and homelike surroundings. He is a stanch adherent of the Republican party, although not in the least an office-seeker. He is an earnest member of the Catholic church.
    Mr. Bender married, July 13, 1886, Ella Dunnegan, daughter of Edward R. Dunnegan, of St. Augustine. Mr. Dunnegan is a prominent merchant of St. Augustine, and for twenty-five years served as justice of the peace. He was a member of the county commission of Cambria county, and was also clerk of that body at the time of the building of the court house. He is one of the best known men of the county. Mr. and Mrs. Bender have had seven children, of whom five are now living: Philip, Marie, Edward, Robert, Gorge.

    EDWARD H. KNEE, well known citizen of Ebensburg, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, official detective for the county, and one of the most popular men in it is descended from a family that settled in America many years ago.
    George D. Knee, father of Edward H. Knee, was born probably in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, where he was reared and educated. For

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