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History of Cambria County, V.3

    Mentch, is a carpenter, builder and contractor. In 1884 he went to Altoona, where he was employed for four years in the Pennsylvania car shop. He then moved to Springdale, Allegheny county, and for two years worked at his trade, moving in 1894 to Cresson, where he has since been actively engaged as a contractor and builder. He is now serving as school director. He belongs to Lodge No. 724, I. 0. 0. F., of Cresson, and No. 74, Woodmen of the World, also of Cresson. His political principles are Democratic and he is a member of the Presbyterian church.
    Mr. Mentch married, August 22, 1886, Sarah E., daughter of Alexander H. Mahaffey, of Allegheny county, and they have been the parents of the following children: Elinor E., born December 31, 1881, teacher at Cresson. Gertrude V., born February 13, 1889, died November 13, 1905. Thirza M., born February, 14, 1891, died December 24, 1891. May born July 30, 1892. Buren E., born September 19, 1893. Florence M., born October 25, 1895, died March 2, 1896. Homer A., born February 11, 1897. Vernet C., born January 22, 1899. Carrie E., born June 21, 1900. Kenneth H., born July 26, 1902. Merrill L., born December 31, 1904. Marion T., born August 11, 1906.

    REUBEN H. OTT, of South Fork borough, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, proprietor of the Lake Hotel of that place, was born November 25, 1857, son of John H Ott. The great-grandfather came from Germany and but little else is known of him. The grandfather was born in Philadelphia in 1800. He was a shoemaker and followed that occupation all his life. At the death of his wife, in 1866, he came to Bedford and spent the remainder of his days with his son, John H. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. He married Anna Beal, who came from Germany to Blair county, Pennsylvania, where they were married and reared the following children: Andres, John H., William, David, Daniel, Reuben, Eliza, Angeline.
    John H. Ott, father of Reuben H. Ott, was born in Blair county, Pennsylvania, in 1832. He followed shoemaking for twenty-five years, and then purchased a farm in Bedford county and followed farm life until his death in 1900. He served as supervisor of Hopewell township for four years, was a school director and filled other positions. He was a member of the Methodist church, and in politics a Republican. He married Lydia Wiment, daughter of Stephen Wiment and wife, and they were the parents of ten children: 1. Reuben H., of whom later. 2. Lee, born January, 1859, married Lizzie Jenkins. 3. William H., born August 18, 1861, married Mary Mogel. 4. George, born March 7, 1863, single, crippled for life by the falling of a rock in the mine. 5. Jacob, born April 5, 1865, married Lizzie Wilkinson. 6. Anne, born 1867, married Harry Forman. 7. Mary, born 1869, married Rufus Heffner. 8. Emma, born July, 1870, married Harry Pink. 9. Hannah, born 1872, died at the age of six years. 10. Maggie, born October, 1874, single.
    Reuben H. Ott became a miner, held a state certificate from the mining department and thoroughly understands the mining trade. He was foreman at Clearfield and went from there to Broad Top with the Sterling Coal Company. In 1893 he came to South Fork, where he was foreman for five years for the Argile Coal Company. From that place he went to Bethel to open up mines for the Bethel Coal Company, returning to South Fork after the mine was fairly opened, and was foreman for the South Fork Coal Company for two years, and then entered the employ of the Stineman Coal & Coke Company. After a year and a half he was engaged by the Puritan Coal Company and was their

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