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History of Cambria County, V.3

of the trade. In 1896 he took charge of his father's shop in Ebensburg, conducting the same to 1903, when in partnership with his brother-in-law, Hugh Brown, engaged in the hotel business, acquiring the well known Central Hotel of Ebensburg, with which he is still connected. In politics Mr. Bolsinger is liberal, voting for whom he deems the best fitted man.
    Mr. Bosinger married, in 1892, Mary M. Brown, daughter of Patrick F. Brown, for many years proprietor of the Hotel Central and one of the well known and highly respected men of the county; he is now deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Bolsinger are the parents of three children: Patrick Neff, Inez Hellen and Charlotte Marie.

    HARVEY A. MENTCH, of Cresson, was born July 6, 1864, in Columbia county, and is a son of Christopher Mentch, and a grandson of Charles Menteh, whose father, Adam Mentch, was born in 1775, and all his life followed the miller's trade. He and his wife were the parents of the following children: 1. Abram, married Miss Kunkle. 2. Jacob, married Miss Laymen. 3. Charles. 4. John, died at the age of twenty-two. 5. Rebecca, wife of Peter Bitner. 6. Sarah, wife of Abram Stine. After the death of his wife he moved to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Stine, where he and Mr. Stine conceived the idea of building a large gristmill at Roaring Creek, now Cleveland township, but before it was completed Mr. Mentch died, in 1852, and the mill was never finished. According to the custom of those days, Mr. Mentch's coffin was drawn to the cemetery by a four-horse team.
    Charles Mentch, son of Adam Mentch, was born about 1805, at Mill Grove, Columbia county, and was a farmer and lumberman, living for ten years at Roaring Creek, whence he moved to Bear's Gap, Northumberland county, remaining twelve years. While at Roaring Creek he served as constable, and during his residence at Bear's Gap held the office of supervisor. He was a Democrat and a Lutheran. Mr. Mentch married Mary Rhodes, and their children were: Peter, born 1829; Henry, born 1834 ; Christopher, of whom later, Adam, born 1836; Daniel, born 1837; Josiah, born 1838; Harriet, born 1840; Wellington, born 1842; Maybury, born 1843; Isaiah, born 1844; Sarah, born 1845; Samuel, born 1846; and Mary, born 1847. The death of Mr. Mentch occurred in 1864.
    Christopher Mentch, son of Charles and Mary (Rhodes) Mentch, was born March 13, 1835, in Columbia county, and was a carpenter and contractor, most of his work being in the country. In 1862 he enlisted in Company I, One Hundred and Twelfth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, and returned at the close of the war a physical wreck. He is now living in Northumberland county. Mr. Mentch married Caroline, daughter of Daniel and Mary Mowery, and the following are their children: 1. William H., born August 6, 1857, of Altoona, married Levina Smith. 2. Daniel F., born March 26, 1859, married Catharine Rupp. 3. Elmer, born February 4, 1861, of Sankertown, married Ella Geheres. 4. Harvey A., of whom later. 5. Isaac E., born October 27, 1867, deceased. 6. Peter F., born April 10, 1869, married Emma Gable. 7. Christopher C., born March 11, 1871, of Columbia county, married Agnes Leiby. 8. Mary E., born September 27, 1873, deceased. 9. Lydia M., born June 5, 1875, deceased. Mary, died in childhood. 11. Cora, died in childhood. 12. Eve V., morn November 19, 1877, wife of Wilson 0. Lewis, of Northumberland county.
    Harvey A. Mentch, son of Christopher and Caroline (Mowery)

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