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History of Cambria County, V.3

    Joseph Croyle (father), born in Cambria county, August 3, 1824, was a farmer of Croyle township, also interested in the coal and lumber trade. For six years he was the superintendent of a mine and later leased the Bank mine in company with others. At his death, March 30, 1894, the company bought his interest in the estate. He served as tax collector, and was once defeated for the office of county commissioner by Democratic majority. He was a Republican, and member of the Lutheran church. He married Barbara Myers, a native of Germany, November 14, 1847, and eleven children were born to them, two of whom died in early life. Those that attained years of maturity were: 1. Wendel, born 1848, married Jennie Rager and had seven children: Robert, Irvin Joseph, Charles, Mary, Nora and Anna. 2. Frederick, born August 27, 1850, married Nancy Warner and they had two sons: John C. and Bert E. 3. Catherine, born November 16, 1852, married Edward W. Hull and the had seven children: Anna, Lemon, May, Lilla, Mildred, Walter and Alma; May, who was the wife of James R. Weaver and mother of three children: Olive M., David R., and Edward W. Weaver, died January 24, 1906. 4. Anna L., born 1855, married William Paul and died without issue. 5. William H., born July 26, 1858, married Clara Cooper and had five children: Howard, Webster and three who are deceased. 6. Amanda, born June 2?0, 1860, died May 18, 1881. 7. Elen, born April 16, 1862, married William Reighard and their children are: George, Charles, died at the age of sixteen years; Lillian, Almeda and Ella. 8. Sherman, born December 3, 1864, married Marinda Miller and has three living children: Miller, Frank and Forest; the deceased are: Harry, Arthur, Grace, who died within one week of scarlet fever, and one child who died in infancy. 9. Alice, born May 1, 1871, married Samuel Seaman and had three children: Russel, Iva and Harry.

    THOMAS F. CALLAN, first and present burgess of the borough of Cresson, and who is engaged in the wholesale liquor business at Cresson, and who has probably done more than any other one man for the past twenty years to improve and advance the interests of Cresson and its immediate vicinity, represents a family which traces its descent to Ireland.
    Owen Callan, grandfather of Thomas F. Callan, and the first of the Callan family to emigrate to the United States, came from Ireland with his wife about the year 1816 and settled near Loretto, Cambria county, Pennsylvania. He moved a number of times subsequent to this, first to Butler, Butler county, and from there to a place near where Bolivar is located, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, where he died, and subsequently the family moved to Johnstown. He was a contractor and builder by occupation and built a portion of the old Pittsburg pike. Before emigrating from Ireland he was married to Ann Coats, and their children (all of whom are deceased with the exception of Thomas, who is the father of the subject of this sketch) were: 1. Mary, who married John Kingston. 2. Ann, who married George W. Easley. 3. James, who died unmarried. 4. John, who died at the age of fifteen years. 5. Thomas, an account of whom is subsequently given herein. 6. William, who was among the first to settle at Cresson, he having erected the hotel known as the Callan house, now the Commercial hotel, in 1866. He was the manager of the Callan house from the time it was opened until his death in the year 1874. He was engaged for a number of years in the contracting and building business, he being an associate with his brother Thomas. He was a keen lover of justice, and this trait was so pre-

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