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History of Cambria County, V.3

    JACOB P. CUSTER, a respected citizen of Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, who has been for many years in the employ of the Cambria Iron Works, is a descendant of one of the most famous families in the state.
    Paul Custer, the direct ancestor of Jacob P. Custer, was an English gentleman, but it is not definitely known whether he was born in this country or in England. He resided in Pennsylvania about the beginning of the eighteenth century, and married Sarah Martha Ball, daughter of Colonel Ball, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Custer had a brother--Jonathan--and a sister-Mary--who became the second wife of Augustine Washington, and the grandmother of the illustrious George Washington. Jonathan Ball, the brother of Mrs. Custer, had a son--Joseph--who died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1820, possessed of immense wealth. He was also the owner of vast estates, and among his descendants may be found the names of Lewis, Ball, Washington, Custer and Curtis.
    John Custer, son of Paul and Sarah Martha (Ball) Custer, had a son, John.
    John Custer, son of John Custer, was born in one of the eastern counties of Pennsylvania, probably Cumberland, and followed agricultural pursuits all his life. He removed to Somerset county, Pennsylvania, after his marriage, acquired a tract of land in the woods, and cleared a part of this for farm purposes. He died in Somerset county, and is buried in Shade township. He married --- ---, and they had children: 1. Frederick, who settled in Richland township, and spent his life there. He married Sophie Fisher. 2. Henry, remained in Shade township, Somerset county, Pennsylvania, and is buried on his own farm. He married a Miss Holsapple. 3. Abraham, settled in Morrison's Cove, Pennsylvania, and died there. He married Martha -------. 4. Susan, married George Berkeible, died in Richland township, Cambria county, Pennsylvania. 5. Elizabeth, married Daniel Woodford, died in Shade township, Somerset county, Pennsylvania. 6. Martha, married John Shaffer, died in Shellsburg, Bedford county, Pennsylvania. 7. Jacob, see forward.
    Jacob Caster, fourth son and seventh and youngest child of John Custer, was born, presumably. in Shade township, Somerset county, Pennsylvania, on the old Custer farm, in 1798. He was educated in the old German schools which were popular in those days, and was trained to farm life. After his marriage he removed with his wife and family to Richland township, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, where he purchased a tract of timber land, made a clearing, and built a log, house and barn. Later he cleared more land and placed it under cultivation, and was thus employed until his death, which occurred about 1853. In politics he was an Old Line Whig, and he was a member of the Evangelical church, the services being often held in his home. He married Christiana Kuntz, born about 1799, died in 1863. They had children: 1. Henry, who settled on a farm in Richland township and died there. He married Phoebe Hughey, who survived her husband. 2. Catherine, married (first) Ezra Giffen; married (second) Christian Gossard; died in Conemaugh township. 3. Susanna, married John Maneeley, died in Johnstown. 4. Elizabeth, married Elias Ream, died in Richland township. 5. Martha, married David Varner, died in Adams township, Cambria county. 6. George, resides in Adams township, Cambria county; married Elizabeth Varner. 7. Samuel, resides in Adams township; married (first) Elizabeth Riblet; married (second)

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