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History of Cambria County, V.2

college. He eventually succeeded through the personal interference of Mr. P. E. Chapin, General Manager (who evidently admired the persevering spirit of the young man), in gaining admission as an apprentice pattern maker, and worked three years under the foremanship of the late Evan Lewis, taking evening lessons in drawing at the Cambria Library, becoming a practical pattern maker. Later developments proved that the knowledge thus gained in this capacity was employed to good advantage.
    In February, 1890, Mr. Glock acquired a partnership interest in the Swank Hardware Company, taking charge of the tool department, and since that time has been an active member of that successful mercantile establishment. In 1892 he became general manager of the business, and in 1903, when the Swank Hardware Company was incorporated, he was elected its vice-president and general manager. In this capacity his business ability has displayed itself to excellent advantage both to himself and to the corporation. For many years the Swank Hardware Company, under various proprietorships, has been one of the leading mercantile concerns of Johnstown.
    On March 28, 1906, a disastrous fire destroyed one of the business blocks of the firm, a five-story building erected five years previously, with all its contents, but within a few days temporary quarters were secured, new goods arrived promptly and business continued without any perceptible cessation. The work of rebuilding was the next step which confronted Mr. Glock and his associates, and several tours of inspection to different cities were made before the style of architecture and building material were decided upon. To meet all the requirements and insure the greatest protection against fire the decision was in favor of reinforced concrete, and the contract awarded to a Philadelphia firm for the erection of a six-story business and office building, with a foundation calculated to carry three additional stories, the first of its kind in western Pennsylvania, having a frontage on two leading streets of two hundred and twenty feet and costing $200,000.
    Mr. Glock is financially interested in many of the leading enterprises of the city, being a stockholder in the Consumers Ice Company, Sanitary Dairy Company, Consumers Gas Company, one of the original incorporators and directors of the Citizens Light, Heat & Power Company; the Johnstown and Pittsburgh Telephone Company, Johnstown Telephone Company and President of the Windber Telephone Company, and many other local companies, as he has confidence in the future of Johnstown.
    Mr. Glock is also owner of considerable real estate, including a magnificent home recently erected.
    In 1896, Mr. Glock was president of a Company that organized and equipped a shovel factory in Johnstown, but was confronted by the shovel Trust then operating with very little

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