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History of Cambria County, V.2

joyed a reputation as one of the discriminating and successful agriculturists of his community. He was united in marriage to Eliza James, born December 16, 1848, near Hooversdale, Somerset county, Pennsylvania, one of five children two sons and three daughters two of her brothers and one sister living at the present time (1907). Her grandfather was a native of Germany, from whence he emigrated to the United States at an early date. Five children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Keafer, as follows: William Henry Hershberger, Mary Matilda, David, Emma Jane and Austin Thomas Keafer. Mrs. Keafer is a member of the German Lutheran church, in which her husband also took an active interest.

    BENJAMIN F. SPANGLER, at present holding the position of janitor in the Third Ward school in Braddock, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, and who has served his county in various other offices, has a record of services during the civil war of which any soldier in the Union army may well be proud. He is thoroughly imbued with the spirit of patriotism, and displays in addition many of the admirable traits which characterize the people of Germany, from which country a member of his family originally came.
    George Spangler, father of Benjamin F. Spangler, was born in 1819, died January 16, 1904. He was the son of George Spangler, who emigrated from Alsace, Germany, to America, in 1794, and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Later he removed to Lancaster county, where he died. His children were: Benjamin F., Albert J., Sarah, and George. George Spangler (son) was a butcher by occupation, and in addition to this he cultivated a farm. He was a man of prominence and influence in his day and held a number of positions of trust and responsibility. He was a school director, supervisor of roads and for twenty-eight years held the position of watchman in the First National Bank of Johnstown. He married Elizabeth Hildebrant, born 1826, died January 23, 1904 daughter of Joseph Hildebrant, who emigrated from Germany and was one of the early settlers of Lancaster county. He had children: Martin, David, John, George, Anna E., Elizabeth, Mary E. and Frank. The children of George and Elizabeth (Hildebrant) Spangler were: Benjamin F., see forward; Elmira, George W., Mary E., Emma R., and Harry J.
    Benjamin F. Spangler, son of George and Elizabeth (Hildebrant) Spangler, was born at Marietta, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, August 25, 1844. He received a good common school education, and then assisted his father in the butchering and farming business for about six years. Upon the outbreak of the civil war he responded to the first call of his country to serve in her defense. The regiment in which he enlisted was one of the first organized in answer to President Lincoln's call for volunteers, Companies G and K being the first companies

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