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History of Cambria County, V.2

maker, and carried on farming. As a wood and iron worker he was very skilful. Some of his workmanship may still be seen in Cambria county and vicinity. He married Katharine Stehr, whose father and mother came from Germany; she died at the advanced age of ninety-three years. They were the parents of the following children: Elizabeth, Mary, Katharine, John, Susan, Rebecca, who was burned to death in her own house, Sarah, Barbara, Andrew, Jacob and George. The last mentioned died at the age of seventy years, and no other one of the large family died so young; many reached very many more years, some over eighty, and one sister, Susan, attained her ninety-third year.
    (IV) Jacob Wertz, son of John Wertz and wife Katharine, was born in 1815, in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, during the month of August, and died May, 1888, in the state of Indiana, at the home of his daughter Barbara. He was a sturdy farmer and considered very handy with tools. In his day and location he used to work at the raising of flax; the preparation for cloth which was made by spinning and weaving the flax. In fact, his sons well recall how they, in childhood, had much of this labor to perform, and they have pictures of themselves taken when they were dressed in entirely homespun suits. In politics Jacob Wertz was an ardent Republican and a loyal Abolitionist. In church faith he was a proselyte to the Dunkards (German Baptists), the family originally being Lutherans, but about one-half of them went over to another religious faith. He was married to Mary Hoffman, daughter of John and Hannah (Magen) Hoffman, born May 18, 1818. Her parents were of Somerset county, Pennsylvania. The children born of this union were: Hannah, Katharine, Daniel, Elizabeth, Susan, John A., Mary, Uriah, Emily, George M., Jacob M., Horace Lincoln, and one who died in infancy. Six of these children now reside in Cambria county, in and near to Johnstown. The mother was born in 1818 and died January 23, 1906, at Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
    (V) John A. Wertz, son of Jacob and Mary (Hoffman) Wertz, was born February 19, 1848, on the old Wertz homestead. He had the advantage of the public schools of his home township, district schools and two months at the Meyersdale Normal School, in Somerset county, Pennsylvania. He then followed school teaching winters and farmed during the summer months until he was about twenty-four years of age, when he spent two years in the rail mills of the Cambria Iron Company. The next six years he farmed on his father's farm, near Johnstown, in Adams township. He then removed to Johnstown, where he was employed in the barbed wire mill of the Cambria Iron Company, and for that company until 1882. The next eight years he spent in the employ of T. J. Ferrill in the old “Beemis Mills,” now the City Mills, at Johnstown. He then formed a co-partnership with Messrs. John McDermott and George Lingingfelter under the firm name of McDermott, Wertz

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