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History of Cambria County, V.2

now is a widow, living in Denver, Colorado. Martha, married Finley Carney and lives in White township in Indiana county. Of the children born to Jacob Wilkinson and Barbara (Hill) Blough four are now living, viz.: James A., see forward. Rea R., married Charles L Williams, and lives in Moxham, a part of the city of Johnstown. Frances, married Casper Fisher, and lives in Moxham. Sarah D., unmarried, secretary to the auditor of Lorain Steel Company.
    Mr. Blough was one of a family of six children, mention of whom may be made as follows: Jacob Wilkinson, aforementioned. Henry, a clergyman of the Mennonite church; married Catherine_____, and lives at Saltsburg, Pennsylvania. Jonas, a clergyman of the Mennonite church; married Mary Keim, and lives at Kring Station, Pennsylvania. Abram W., married Anna Stutzman, and lives in Johnstown. Joseph, married Susan Stahl, and died in 1901 from the effect of wounds received in battle during the Civil war.
    James A. Blough was a year old when his parents came from Indiana county to Johnstown. He was educated in the public graded schools, and after leaving school was employed as office boy for the Johnson Company at Moxham, and later worked in the same capacity for the Gautier department of the Cambria Iron Company until the flood of 1889 compelled the company temporarily to suspend operations. When business in the Valley was resumed he returned to the Johnson Company at Moxham and was timekeeper for several years. During that period he began reportorial work in an amateur way, having a natural inclination in that direction which in that manner began to display itself. He left the Johnson Company to take a position as reporter on the Johnstown Herald, and later was made city editor of the Democrat, holding the latter position about four years. After leaving that paper he became “mountain” correspondent for the Pittsburg Dispatch, and afterward for the Gazette, and now is local representative for the paper last mentioned in the territory of Johnstown within a radius of fifty miles.
    Mr. Blough's interest in base ball and other athletic sports works in harmony with his newspaper duties. For several years he has been secretary of Johnstown Base Ball Association, and Mr. Kline, president of the association, he has much to do with the make-up of the team as well as with the business affairs of the association itself. He is known as an enthusiastic sportsman and has more than casual interest in the success of the home club, hence cannot be considered a “fan.” The national game, as managed by organized companies in American cities, has its business side and responsibilities as great perhaps as in any other enterprise involving the employment of capital and men, and the obstacles which have to be met and overcome in the successful management of a base ball association are as frequent and as perplexing as those which arise in mer-

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