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History of Cambria County, V.2

    JAMES A BLOUGH, correspondent in Johnstown and its vicinity for the Pittsburg Gazette, secretary of the Johnstown Base Ball Association, and one of the most popular young newspaper men and sportsmen in Cambria county, was born near Shelacta, Indiana county, Pennsylvania, August 5, 1872, and is a son of the late Jacob Wilkinson and Barbara E. (Hill) Blough.
    Jacob W. Blough, who dies in Johnstown in 1887, was well known in social and musical circles in that city for many years. He organized the Iola Orchestra, and through his efforts several bands were formed in Johnstown during the early eighties. His tastes were decidedly musical, and he was indeed an excellent musician and organizer of musical associations. He was a native of Somerset county, born at Kring Station, in 1841, and was descended from German ancestors. His musical abilities were natural, and he began to cultivate his talent in that direction during his young manhood. While he loved music and the association of musicians, his chief dependence as a means of livelihood was his occupation as stationary engineer. In 1863, while living in Somerset county, he enlisted in Company H, of the One Hundred and Seventy-first Pennsylvania Infantry, and took part in the three days' fight at Gettysburg, his regiment having arrived on the field with other reinforcements on the second day and taking part in the terrible fighting of that and the succeeding day. After Gettysburg the regiment followed the fortunes of Burnside's Ninth Corps through the Peninsular campaign, which resulted in the destruction of the notorious Mosby's fighting power and the disintegration of his equally notorious force. At the end of the war Mr. Blough returned to his home much broken in health, and never regained his full physical strength. In 1873 he removed with his family to Johnstown, where he followed his earlier occupation and also identified himself with the several musical organizations to which reference has been made. He was a Republican, a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and a regular attendant and supporter of the First Presbyterian church, of Johnstown.
    Jacob Wilkinson Blough married Barbara Hill, who was a daughter of Jacob and _____ (Kelly) Hill, of Armstrong township, Indiana county, Pennsylvania, formerly of Bedford county. The Hills were of Dutch descent and the Kelly family of Scotch-Irish descent. The American ancestor of this branch of the Hill family came from Holland more than a century ago. Barbara Hill was one of seven sons and daughters of Jacob Hill, of whom also a brief mention in these annals is desirable, viz: Barbara, married Jacob W. Blough, and is now a widow, living in Johnstown. David, married Elizabeth Fleming, and is now a widower, living in Indiana county, Pennsylvania. John, married Anna Streams, and lives in Indiana county, Pennsylvania. Andrew, married Rebecca Shaffer; both are dead. Susan, married William Fleming and now is a widow, living in Denver, Colorado. Mary, married Jefferson Palmer, and

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