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History of Cambria County, V.2

fourteen years. 2. George, died at the age of sixteen years. 3. Jacob, died in infancy. 4. Justina, wife of Charles F. Kress, of Johnstown. 5. Amelia, widow of Fred, Kress, formerly a merchant of Johnstown. 6. James J., see forward. 7. Edward, a resident of Johnstown. 8. Mary, wife of Fred. Stammler, of Johnstown. 9. Emma, died in infancy.
    James J. Fronheiser (father) was born in Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, February 14, 1849. After completing his education he learned the profession of chemist, in which he became thoroughly proficient, and which he followed throughout the active years of his life. He married (first) Catherine Vowinckle, who died in the flood of May 31, 1889. She was a daughter of Anthony and Catherine (List) Vowinckle. Four children were born to Mr. And Mrs. Fronheiser: Mary, wife of Philip I. Meredith. Jacob A., whose name appears at the head of this sketch. Elizabeth, drowned May 31, 1889. Katherine, who died June, 1889. He married (second), October 14, 1903, Marguerite Haymaker, daughter of John C. and Anna (McKnight) Haymaker.

    NIMROD McELCARR, deceased, for many years a highly respected resident of Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, who was well known in the business circles of that city, and whose reputation during the progress of the civil war is one to be envied, is a descendant of a family which has been represented in this country for some generations.
    William McElcarr, father of Nimrod McElcarr, was occupied as a boatman on the canals in Mifflin county, and after removing to Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, he located with his family below Coopersdale, now (1906) the twenty-first ward, and followed his occupation of boating for a number of years. He then obtained a position in the Cambria Brick Works, and retained this until his death, at the age of seventy years. He and his wife, whose death preceded his by several years, were members of the old Methodist Episcopal church. Their children were: 1. Nimrod, see forward. 2. Rachel, married William McDevitt. She died at her home in Port Perry, Pennsylvania. 3. Nancy, married Samuel Owens, and resides in Braddock, Pennsylvania. 4.____________, twin of Nancy, deceased.
    Nimrod McElcarr, eldest child and only surviving son of William McElcarr, was born in Lewistown, Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, February 20, 1842. He was but a young lad when he came to Johnstown with his parents, and was obliged to begin work at an early age in order to assist in supporting the family. His opportunities for acquiring a good education were very limited, but keen powers of observation and a knowledge of human nature had made up for these disadvantages. His first position was in the blast furnaces of the Cambria Iron Works, under Mr. Collins, and he remained there until discharged be-

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