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History of Cambria County, V.2

    ISAIAH SIPE, the well known ice cream manufacturer and dealer in confectioneries, of Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, is a representative of a family which has held a high place in the esteem of the residents of the state for some generations.
    Jacob Sipe, grandfather of Isaiah Sipe, was a teamster by occupation and drove six of the Conestoga wagons, at that time the sole means of transportation between the eastern and western portions of the state, until the construction of the canal and the Portage railroad. He married Elizabeth Dull, who died at the advanced age of ninety-four years, and they had children: 1. Tena, married Jonas Schultz. 2. Joseph, married a Miss Friedline. 3. Michael, see forward. 4. John, married Sarah Bittinger. 5. Sarah, married Louis H. Stauffer.
    Michael Sipe, third son and child of Jacob and Elizabeth Sipe, was born in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, May 23, 1818, and died July 22, 1889. His entire life was spent in his native county, and he was educated in the district schools of that day. He followed farming as an occupation with a great deal of success, owning a farm of more than one hundred acres. In politics he was always a staunch Republican, being an active worker in the interest of the party, and casting his first presidential vote for William Henry Harrison. He was devoted to the cause of religion, and was a member of the United Evangelical church, of which he was for many years an elder and trustee. He married Tena Bulbey, in 1840. She died one year after marriage, leaving one child, who married David Resley, and they had children: Daniel, Sarah, Samuel, James, Emma and John. He was married second time by Squire Dunham, December 1, 1850, his second wife being Catherine Wilt, born February 29, 1828, and who has survived her husband and is now (1907) living at an advanced age. They had children: Isaiah, see forward. Jonas, born July 13, 1854, married Hester Kimmel, and had children: Lloyd, Charles, Ilga, Hulda, born July 24, 1856, married Jacob Escherich, and had children: William, Margaret, (Martha, dead), Edith and Herman. John A., born February 9, 1858, married Nettie Hare, and had children: Samuel, John, Myrtle and William. Mary, born October 29, 1861, married James Johnson, of McKeesport, and had children: Norah and Kenist. Samuel, born August 31, 1863, died in childhood. Mahlon, born September 4, 1865, married Nettie Rightenour, and had children: Charles, May and Harry. Eva, born January 4, 1868, married Austin Stoy, and had children: Zella, Twila, Vesta and Theodore. Chauncey, born February 27, 1869, married Lizzie Allison, and had children: Ruth, Vista, Nora and Stanford H. Ella, born July 30, 1871, married Charles Hinemeyer, of Somerset, and had one child, Thomas.
    Isaiah Sipe, eldest child of Michael and Catherine (Wilt) Sipe, was born in Shade, Somerset county, Pennsylvania, on the farm of his father, February 6, 1852. His education was ac-

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