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History of Cambria County, V.2

in his line, he disposed of with considerable profit. He then moved his business into a two-story brick building about fifty feet deep, and remodeled the store by putting in a gallery, thereby doubling its capacity. In 1888 he built an addition of seventy-five feet in the rear of the store, and made of the building a three-story structure. At this time he used the second floor as a dwelling for himself and family and the third as a wareroom.
    In common with other business men of Johnstown, he suffered severely in the flood of 1889, having the new addition to his business block swept away and his entire stock of merchandise ruined. He was one of the first merchants to rebuild a permanent place of business, completing the work of erection in the autumn of the same year, and resuming business, which he had, in the meantime, carried on in a temporary structure which he had hastily erected, and which he opened just two weeks after the flood. In 1892, his business having again increased beyond the capacity of its quarters, he was constrained to give up to its pressing requirements the second floor which he had so long used as a dwelling. Under these circumstances he built for himself a handsome residence on Napoleon street, in the fifth ward, which is still his home. In 1902 he again added to his store building by erecting an extension at the rear of the structure on the eighteen remaining feet of the lot. At this time he also remodeled the front and basement, and is now carrying on a large and profitable business. In 1891 he was nominated for councilman and went into office the following spring, serving until he moved out of the ward. In politics he is an independent voter, believing in supporting the best men regardless of party. He is a member of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic church, in which is an active worker.
    Mr. Stenger married, in 1876, Anna Catharine Schiffhauer, who has ever been an able and willing helper in all his undertakings. From the very outset of his business career he has been favored with the inestimable advantage of her assistance, her devotion to his welfare inducing her at times to serve in the store. She was indeed been the cornerstone of his success. Mrs. Stenger is a native of Butler, Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Stenger have had the following children: John, who was lost in the flood. Gertrude. Albert, of whom later. Leo, lost in the flood. Anna. Marguerite.
    Albert Stenger, third child and only surviving son of John and Anna Catharina (Schiffhauer) Stenger, was educated in the parochial and public schools of Johnstown, whence he passed to Notre Dame College, Indiana, and subsequently to the Univversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, graduating from the law school of that institution in the class of 1906. In December of that year he was admitted to the Cambria county bar.

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