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History of Cambria County, V.2

born July 20, 1856, wife of Charles Brixner. Godfried, born October 14, 1857, died unmarried. Edmund, born November 27, 1859, died at the age of eight years. Professor Heider died in Germany, July 29, 1859. His sister, Barbara Heider, became the wife of Baron von Linder, of Schweinengen, Bavaria, and his brother, Frederick Strauss Heider, also a graduate of Augsburg, was forest master in the Baron's province. Charles and Elizabeth Magdalene (Heider) Brixner have two children: Christian Gottfreid, born June 19, 1879, a graduate of Rowe College, for several years was an employe of the Swank Hardware Company, now proprietor of a hotel at Wehrum, Indiana county, Pennsylvania. He married Jennie Bolen. Fredericka Barbara, born January 31, 1886, graduate from Johnstown high school, 1904, now a student at Wilson College, class of 1907.

    JOHN STENGER, a well-known merchant of Johnstown, was born November, 1851, on Peter street, in what was known as old Conemaugh borough, son of John Stenger, a native of Germany, who emigrated to the United States some time in the forties. He settled in Johnstown, where he worked on the old Portage canal and railroad, afterward finding employment at The Mill Creek furnace. His next work was in the brickyards of the Cambria Iron Company. Subsequently he became a heater, a position which he held for twenty or more years, after which he took up lighter work, being employed in the company's foundry to the close of his life.
    John Stenger was twice married. By his first wife, Gertrude Hornick, he had the following children: Catherine, deceased, wife of Henry Neihoff. John, of whom later. George, deceased, married, reared a family and moved to California. The second wife of John Stenger was Mary (Horn) Stenger, who bore him five children: Mary, sister in a convent. Margaret. Elizabeth deceased. Adam. Leonard, a Roman Catholic priest. John Stenger, the father, died in 1891, at the age of seventy-two.
    John Stenger, son of John and Gertrude (Hornick) Stenger, was educated in the parochial schools of Johnstown, and first found employment as a clerk in the store of John Geis on Clinton street. The firm became successively Geis & Foster and Geis, Foster and Quinn, and under these different partnerships, Mr. Stenger continued to work for twelve years. In 1873 he went to Pittsburg, where he was employed as clerk by the firm of Boggs & Bahl, returning after a short time to his old position in Johnstown, with Geis, Foster & Quinn. In 1877 he again went to Pittsburg and reentered the service of Boggs & Bahl, with whom he remained one year. In 1878 he returned once more to Johnstown and established himself in the dry goods business on Main street, on which was known as the Willliams property. In 1882 he bought the McKinney property including the stock of furnishing and clothing, which not being

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