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History of Cambria County, V.2

constitutions of most of the South American states. He married, and among his children was a son named E. I.
    (II) E. I. du Pont, son of Pierre Samuel du Pont (1), was born in Paris in 1771, died in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1834. He was the first to manufacture powder in this country, and erected a mill for this purpose on the Brandywine creek. The du Ponts have been associated with the manufacture of powder down to the present generation. La Fayette was an intimate friend of E. I., and when he was on a visit to this country during the war of 1812 paid a visit to the family in their home in Wilmington. E. I. du Pont married Sophie Madeleine Delmos, in 1791. She was born in 1775 and died in American in 1828. Among their children was a son, Alfred.
    (III) Alfred du Pont, son of E. I. (2) and Sophie Madeleine (Delmos) du Pont (2), was born in 1798, died 1856. He married, 1825, Margaretta Elisabeth Lamot, born 1807, died 1898. Their children were: 1. Victorine, born 1825, married Peter Kemble, died 1849. 2. E. I., Jr., born 1829, married Charlotte Sheppard Henderson, died 1877. 3. Lamot, born 1831, married Mary Belin, died 1884. 4. Pauline, unmarried, 5. Alfred Victor, born 1833, died 1893. 6. Bidermann, see forward.
    (IV) Bidermann du Pont, fourth son and sixth and youngest child of Alfred (3) and Margaretta Elizabeth (Lamot) du Pont, was born October 13, 1837. He was engaged with his brothers for many years in the manufacture of powder at Wilmington, Delaware, when he and his brother, Afred Victor, desired to branch out in some other line of business. They accordingly went to Louisville, Kentucky, where they commenced the manufacture of paper. After some years they retired from this industry and were associated with the management of street railways. Bidermann du Pont also engaged in the coal mining operations. He was also at one time proprietor of the Louisville Commerical, a daily newspaper. He was successful in all his business enterprises, but has now (1906) retired from active participation in business, resigning his interests in favor of his son, Thomas Coleman, who is now president of the Johnstown Street Passenger Railway Company, and president of the powder company in Wilmington, Delaware. Bidermann du Pont now resides with his son in Wilmington, and devotes his time and attention to literary pursuits. He married, 1861, Ellen Coleman, born 1831, died 1876, and they had children: 1. Margaret Elizabeth, married Bannend Coleman. 2. Thomas Coleman, married his cousin, Alice du Pont. 3. Antoine B., married Ethel Clark, and now resides in Detroit, Michigan. 4. Dora, deceased, married Harry Phillips. 5. Zara, unmarried. 6. Pauline, married Henry Baldwin. 7. Evan Morgan, see forward.
    (V) Evan Morgan du Pont, third son and seventh, and youngest child of Bidermann (4) and Ellen (Coleman) du Pont, was born in Louisville, Kentucky, 1872. His early life was spent in the city of his birth, and after enjoying the advantages

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