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History of Cambria County, V.2

and Isabelle (Skinner) Green, was born in 1804, on his father's home farm in Hare's Valley. He was a farmer and lived in the valley until 1870, when he moved to Saltillo and purchased about forty acres of the old Thomas Green farm tract, including the saw mill and grist mill. Here the remaining years of his life were spent, and here he died in 1879. He was a man of excellent qualities both of mind and heart, a thrifty farmer, earnest in whatever he undertook to accomplish. In the earlier years of his life he was a Whig, later a Know-Nothing, and eventually became a strong Republican. He was a justice of the peace twenty-one years, besides which he held various other township offices, including that of school director, a position of considerable importance in his time. For many years he was a member of the militia and attended the drills with great regularity; one of his greatest pleasures was the day of “General Training.” He was active in church work and for many years was a member and trustee of the Methodist Episcopal church.
    Mr. Green married Antha Houck, daughter of William H. Houck and Mary Ellen Hall, his wife, who had twelve children, seven sons and five daughters. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Green: William H., married Martha Widney, and lives in Lindon, Kansas; county commissioner. Isabella, married John White, of Lewistown, Pennsylvania, and now deceased. Wesley, of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Mary Ellen, married William McLain, and lives in Johnstown. Alfred, married Lettie Caldwell, and is in real estate business in Clarinda, Iowa. George Wilson, a dentist of Cleveland, Ohio; married Daisy Wing. Theresa, married Millard Myers, of Hopewell, Pennsylvania, and now deceased. Sarah Jane, unmarried: lives in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
    From this brief tracing of Green family life in Pennsylvania it will be seen that Wesley Green, of Johnstown, of whom this sketch is intended particularly to treat, is descended from some of the best pioneer stock of the commonwealth. In each succeding generation from the American ancestor in Maryland he comes of a family of farmers, but his own business energies have been directed chiefly in other channels than the pursuit of agriculture, and has not been less successful on that account.
    Wesley Green was born at Broad Top, Huntingdon county, November 30, 1839, and until he attained his majority lived on the home farm in Hare's Valley. He was educated in the country schools in the vicinity of his home and also attended one term at Cassville Seminary. He then taught school three terms, but the more active life of a commercial center had greater attractions for him and offered better opportunities than the pedagogue's chair. Accordingly in 1863 he went to Huntingdon and for a year conducted a photograph gallery. In 1864 he removed to Johnstown and engaged in the same business, being for the next eleven years proprietor of a studio on Main street, in all that time changing location only once. In 1875 he sold the gallery, and with a business associate (under the firm name of

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