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History of Cambria County, V.2

According to family tradition of undoubted accuracy he was a soldier of the Revolution, but the character of his service and the company to which he belonged are not now known. He married and raised a family of four children.
    Jacob Covode, his only son, was born in York county, and removed thence to Westmoreland county with his parents and spent the remainder of his useful life in the locality last mentioned. At the time of his death he was eighty-two years old. His wife before her marriage was Anna Undegrave, a Quakeress or member of the Society of Friends. Their children were: Mary, Jacob, Susan, George W., Anna, and Joseph Covode, see forward.
    Dr. Joseph Covode was born and raised on his father's farm. He acquired a good academic education, and at the age of twenty-two years took up the study of medicine under the preceptorship of Dr. George B. Fundenberg, of Pittsburg. Afterward he matriculated at Pennsylvania Medical College in Philadelphia, and was graduated from that institution with the degree of M. D. in 1849. After graduation he began practice at Jenner Cross Roads, Somerset county, and thenceforth for many years was known to the inhabitants of all that region within a radius of twenty miles. He was a physician of acknowledged ability, a man of strict integrity and high moral principles, and won the respect and esteem of a large number of acquaintances as well as of many other members of his profession.
    In 1853 Dr. Covode married Lydia Griffith, daughter of Samuel Griffith, of Jenner. Of this marriage six children were born, viz.: Lillie, now dead; Anna C., married Rufus Hill, and lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina; Minerva, married William Rupple, a lawyer of Somerset, Pennsylvania; Robert G., a practicing dentist of Johnstown; Margaret P., wife of Norman Bruce Griffith, of Johnstown, Bertie K., married Edward Coffin, cashier of Sewickley National Bank at Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

    WESLEY GREEN, of Johnstown, whose active business career extended over a period of about forty years previous to his recent retirement, and whose earnest endeavors have been rewarded with substantial success, is a native of Pennsylvania, but a descendant of an old Maryland family, whose settlement in the domain of Lord Baltimore dated to the time of the Colony. The Green family of the line under consideration here is of English origin and traces distinctly, though with some variations in the name, through several centuries.
    George Green, the founder of this branch of the family in America, was born in England, came to this country some time before 1740 and settled in Maryland, near the city of Baltimore and in the county of that name. He married and had several children, the eldest of whom, Thomas Green, born 1740, led the

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