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History of Cambria County, V.2

Alica Boyer. Annie, married Robert Smucker, and lives in Jenner township. George Warren, see forward. Catherine, unmarried and lives at home. Jacob Morgan, an employe of Cambria Steel Company; married Norma Risch. Ira Stephen, of the Citizens Merchandise Company; unmarried.
    Norman Bruce Griffith, fourth child and youngest son of William W. and Isabella (Hare) Griffith, was born on his father's farm in Jenner township, Somerset county, Pennsylvania, June 12, 1846, and has been a farmer and dairyman of principal occupation, although now his attention is devoted to the oversight of the various properties in which he is interested. As a boy and youth he was given a good education in the common schools, and he finished his course with a year at the State Normal School in Washington county, Pennsylvania. He then began teaching in the district schools in Somerset county. He taught three terms, then four terms in Johnstown and afterward for one term in a school just outside the limits of Johnstown. About 1878 he gave up teaching, and for the next year and a half worked for the Cambria Steel Company. In 1880 he purchased a farm of two hundred and sixteen acres below Coopersdale, and for the next eighteen years was a farmer and dairyman and carried on an extensive business in that direction. More recently, however, he became one of the organizers of the Cambria Foundry and Machinery Company, which was incorporated in 1905 as Johnstown Foundry, Machine and Car Company. The company works are situated in the seventh ward of Johnstown. It may be said, however, that Mr. Griffith does not give personal attention to the foundry and machine works, but to the care of his other interests, for his many years of hard work have been amply rewarded. He is a member and for more than forty years has been a steward of the Methodist Episcopal church. Politically he is a Republican.
    Mr. Griffith married, May 8, 1873, Elizabeth Cooper, daughter of Colonel James Cooper, of Coopersdale (now part of Johnstown). She died July 26, 1899. December 31, 1901, Mr. Griffith married Margaret Priscilla Covode, a daughter of Dr. Joseph and Lydia (Griffith ) Covode, of Somerset county. Three children were born of the marriage of Norman B. and Elizabeth (Cooper) Griffith, as follows: James, married Gertrude Vaughan. Mr. Griffith is teller in the First National Bank of Johnstown. Margaret, married Dr. B. Elkin Longwell, of Johnstown. Jane B., died at the age of two years.
    Robert Grant Griffith, fourth child of Stephen H. and Lucinda (Shaffer) Griffith, was born in Jenner township, Somerset county, October 9, 1864. He was quite young when his father came from Somerset county and occupied the farm just beyond Moxham and the present city limits of Johnstown. He lived at home on the farm, and attended the public schools and also for one term was a student at Professor Elrick's school. When he

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