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History of Cambria County, V.2

district school and also one term at a select school in Johnstown. He lived at home and worked on the farm until he was twenty-three years old, and then became clerk in a store. He also taught district school twelve terms in Jenner township and one term at Coopersdale. From early youth Mr. Griffith had been taught lessons of industry and economy. His father was in moderately comfortable circumstances for his time and the needs of his family, and he endeavored to impress upon the minds of his children the necessity of living prudently. This paternal instruction was well received and bore good fruit, and, like the other sons in the family, Stephen began doing something for himself when he was little more than a boy. In school he was an apt pupil, and afterward, when he himself became a teacher, he proved a successful schoolmaster. His clerkship and teaching brought him a little money to begin with, and in 1857, when twenty-four years old, he went to Iowa and worked among the farmers there. He also preempted one hundred and sixty acres of land in that state, and improved it, and afterward by purchase acquired another farm in Kansas. Late in 1857 he returned home and bought a farm in Jenner township. Two years afterward he married and settled down to domestic life with good prospects of future success. In the spring of 1869 he removed to a farm below Rosedale, lived there one year, then purchased the farm in Conemaugh township which he occupied until 1903, when he built his present comfortable residence at Ferndale, just beyond the city limits of Johnstown. Here he lives, retired from active business pursuits, and in the enjoyment of the fruits of a life of industry and the esteem of all who know him.
    When he became of voting age Mr. Griffith identified himself with the old Know Nothing and Whig parties and afterward developed into a firm Republican. Since those early times he has taken considerable interest in political affairs, and occasionally he permitted himself to become the nominee of his party for local offices. While living in Conemaugh township he served four terms of five years each as justice of the peace. In 1905 he served as road commissioner in Ferndale, and now is burgess of that borough. For more than twenty years he has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and during much of that time has been an officer of the society.
    Stephen H. Griffith married, November 10, 1859, Lucinda Shaffer, daughter of Jacob and Catharine (Barnhart) Shaffer, of Somerset county. Ten children have been born of this marriage, viz.: Harvey Milton, a physician and surgeon in active practice in Conemaugh borough. He married (first) Alice Conrad, and (second) Elizabeth Suter, nee Kelly. William Ellsworth, died in infancy. Almeda P., married Henry Rose, a pattern maker for the Lorain Steel Company. Mr. Rose lives in Ferndale, Pennsylvania. Robert G., see forward. Ross S., an employe of Lorain Steel Company, lives at Ferndale; married

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