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History of Cambria County, V.2

William W., married Isabella Hare, and had seven children, Ruth, married John Walter, and lived in Jenner township. Jesse, married Margaret McKee, and lived in Johnstown. Lydia, married Thomas McKee, and lived in Johnstown. Hiram, married Rebecca Hare, and lived in Jenner township. Rebecca, married Peter Berkey, and lived in Jenner township.
    William W. Griffith, fourth child and second son of William and Sarah (Owens) Griffith, was born in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, in 1809, and was one year old when his father moved over into Somerset county and took up his residence in Jenner township. In making the journey with his family William Griffith passed the site of the present city of Johnstown, and at that time just one log cabin was to be seen standing there; all else was unsettled and unoccupied land, not particularly inviting to prospective settlers, and so the family passed along and located on the Somerset and Johnstown turnpike, near where Glessner now stands in Jenner township. Here the elder Griffith took up three hundred and sixty acres of new land, and began the pioneer work of clearing it and opening a farm for cultivation. Subsequently his brothers, whose name have been mentioned, came and took lands near his own, and thus the three lived near each other in early days, when neighbors were few and friends were friends indeed. In the region just described William W. Griffith spent his entire life, and died here on the old home farm at the age of eight-five years. He remained true to the religions convictions of his ancestors, who were of the Society of Friends, until a short time be fore his death, when he became a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.
    On January 1, 1833, he married Isabella Hare, daughter of Edward and Mary (Griffith) Hare. Edward Hare was a farmer, and a son of John Hare, who came to America from Ireland. Besides Edward, John Hare had two other sons, John and Mathew Hare. Mary Griffith, who married Edward Hare, was a granddaughter of Thomas Griffith, the latter having been one of the four immigrant brothers who founded this branch of the family in this country. Children of William W. and Isabella (Hare) Griffith; Stephen H., see forward. Edward H., married Mary A. Park, and lives at Marion Center, Indiana county, Pennsylvania. Mary A., Married Benjamin S. Fleck, and is now a widow living in Jenner township, Somerset county, Pennsylvania. Rebecca J., married William S. Morgan, formerly of Quemahoning; she is now a widow living in Johnstown. Norman Bruce, see forward. Sarah L., Married Gillian Walter, and lives in Jenner township. Almeda Priscilla, died at the age of nine years.
    Stephen H. Griffith, eldest son and child of William W. and Isabella (Hare) Griffith, was born in Jenner township, Somerset county, Pennsylvania, October 28, 1833, and for nearly half a century has been an active factor in the history of Somerset county. He was brought up on a farm, and attended

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