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History of Cambria County, V.2

and promising ministers of the Lutheran church in the United States. He married Lucy Moses, and has children: Donald and Margaret.

    GRIFFITH FAMILY. All representatives of the family name Griffith in America are believed to be descended from Llewellyn ap Gryffeth, the last King of Wales, the period of whose reign was from 1267 to 1282. He was beheaded by Harold, the son of Earl Godwin, while in rebellion against Edward the Confessor of England. such was the origin of the Griffith family in the old county, where, as will be seen, it is one of great antiquity, tracing to the middle ages; but this narrative has chiefly to deal with descendants of Llewellyn in America, where their settlement dates almost to the time of founding the Penn colony at Philadelphia in 1682.
    Some time after William Penn began the colonization of Pennsylvania in pursuance of the Royal grant of that Province, four brothers, whose family name was Griffith, emigrated from Wales to America and took up their abode in the Penn colony. Family tradition has it that they all were sturdy men and all of them members of the Society of Friends, hence they found warm welcome among the brethren of that religious sect, who in point of numbers prevailed in the Colony. Of the brothers John ultimately settled in Huntingdon county, Samuel in York county, William in Bedford county, while the fourth of them crossed the border line of the Province and settled in Maryland or Virginia.
    William Griffith, who settled in Bedford county in this state, was the ancestor in America of the particular branch of the family under consideration here, but the exact date of his immigration, the year of his marriage and the family name of his wife appear to have been lost. He was born November 13, 1742, died May 6, 1832. He located in Somerset county, April, 1810, and there his death occurred. He had four sons: Thomas, born September 12, 1767, died August 4, 1842. William, see forward. Jessie, born November 21, 1779, died May 3, 1854. Abner, born January 22, 1784. Thomas Griffith settled in Jenner township, Somerset county, in 1809, and was followed by his brother Abner and Jesse about two years afterward. William, who had previously visited the region and pre-empted a tract of land, removed thither with his father in the year 1810.
    William Griffith, son of William Griffith, the ancestor, was born in Pennsylvania, near the York county line, March 15, 1777, and died June 29, 1857. He lived an exemplary life, and was buried in the cemetery of the old Free Will Baptist church near the present town of Boswell. He married Sarah Owens, and by her had nine children, as follows: Mary, married David Richard, and lived near Marion, Indiana county, Pennsylvania. Ann, married Joseph Cable, and settled in Missouri. John, married Elizabeth Shaffer, and lived at Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

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