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History of Cambria County, V.2

despite his limited facilities for cultivating the talent. For many years he was leader of the choir in the Lutheran church of Johnstown. He was for many years engaged in building bridges and cars, and during the latter years of his life was employed by the Cambria Steel Company. During the Civil war he enlisted in Company D, Ninety-third Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served with distinction for two years, but, being in delicate health at the time, the hardships and exposure of the service seriously impaired his strength and were the ultimate cause of his death.
    Mr. Cover married Margaret M., daughter of Issac and Mary (Lindsay) Teeter, and they were the parents of the following children;; 1. Daniel Albert, born April 12, 1848, died January 6, 1855. 2. Mary Jane, born February 3, 1850, died July 16, 1893; wife of David Francis Asbury Gereer, had children, Charles C., Samuel S., and Edwin S. 3. Huldah Ruhama, of whom later. 4. Elsie Edith, born April 15, 1856, died October 17, 1856. 5. Elsie Elizabeth, widow of late Dr. Eli J. Cover, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 6. Melancthon, of whom later. 7. Jessie E., born 1865. Mr. Cover died June 24, 1884. As briefly put by one who knew him well, “Jacob Cover lived and died a gentleman.” His life was marked by a quiet dignity and gentle unobtrusiveness, which, while greatly endearing him to those who knew him intimately, caused him to be but little known to the public. His mind was well stored with a wide range of information to which he constantly added by discriminate reading. He was of a philanthropic turn of mind, to which were added a deliberate judgment, dignity, and a nice sense of honor, and these were his distinguishing characteristics.
    Huldah Ruhama Cover, daughter of Jacob and Margaret M. (Teeter) Cover, became the wife of Daniel A., son of Aquila and Mary (Sketchall) Judy. Daniel A. Judy was assistant superintendent of the rolling mills of the Cambria Steel Company. He and his wife were the parents of one son, Daniel, who died in infancy.
    Melanethon Cover, sixth child of Jacob and Margaret M. (Teeter) Cover, was born March 25, 1861. After serving ten years' industrial apprenticeship in the great Cambria Iron Company, in the meantime preparing himself for college, he entered the Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg, being graduated there-from and from the School of Theology connected therewith, with distinguished honors. After a ten years' pastorate at Ardmoor, Rev. Cover was called to the College Church at Gettysburg, a little later to the chair of history in his alma mater, and about the year 1905 to the chair of the New Testament in the seminary, which position he now fills with rare ability, his previous training having in its scope and variety eminently fitted him for the position to which he has attained. All the characteristics of his father, with the added opportunity for study, cultivation and culture, have combined in production one of the most learned

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