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History of Cambria County, V.2

business in the city, and continued it until the disastrous flood of 1889 swept away the stable and stock, destroying every vestige of the establishment and entailing a loss to the proprietors of many thousand dollars, the savings for years of hard work. However, when the committee built the temporary structures around the Public Square, Mr. Cover secured a room, put in a stock of groceries and conducted business there until November, 1890, when he built an apartment house in Main street and occupied part of its lower story for business purposes. This property was burned April 11, 1891, at considerable loss to its owner, but late in the fall of the same year he established himself at the corner of Napoleon and Haynes streets, and there began a business career which has been as successful as it was previously unfortunate. In the early part of 1901 the Johnstown Grocery Company was incorporated and Mr. Cover became its business manager. He then disposed of his private store and stock and gave his entire time to the company's interests during the next year. In 1902, three years after the death of his father, Mr. Cover, in partnership with his brother-in-law, Charles B. Hamm, took over the operation of the coal mines at Cover Hill, with the J. Fendhein mine, and also opened another mine on the Frankstown road. The supervision of these interests have occupied his sole attention, and under the management of the Cover-Hamm Coal Company they have become one of the best business enterprises of the kind in the region.
    For many years in connection with his several business undertakings, Mr. Cover has taken a prominent part in Cambria county politics, and always on the Republican side. At one time he was chairman of the Republican county committee and one of the party leaders in this part of the state. From 1880 to 1886 he was county auditor, and in 1889, at the time of the flood, he represented the fourth ward of Johnstown in the borough council. In 1895 he was state bank examiner, and for two terms of three years each held the office of borough auditor. He is a charter member of the Amiens Club, and a member of the Lutheran church.
    Charles Blair Cover married, November 18, 1890, Carrie Louise Higson, daughter of John and Anna E. (Paxson) Higson, of Johnstown. Of this marriage there have been three children; John Higson, born October 29 1891. Mary Elizabeth, born September 1, 1896. Anna Louise, born October 3, 1900. By a former marriage Mr. Cover has one daughter, Alice Bertram, now wife of A. Dix Tittle, of Johnstown.
    Jacob Cover, Son of Adam and Mary M. (Beeshoar) Cover, was born June 28, 1824, on the old Cover homestead in Johnstown. He was reared on the homestead, assisting his father in the labors of the farm and obtaining his education in the common schools of his native place. He learned the carpenter's trade, and while doing so maintained himself by teaching music in the evenings, having developed much natural musical ability

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