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History of Cambria County, V.2

fering this land for sale Mr. Cover advertised to accept “Bedford money” in payment, having faith in the ultimate redemption of that then depreciated currency. Subsequent events proved the soundness of his judgment, for the money which the banks at that time rejected as worthless soon became valuable, and Mr. Cover was able to meet his obligations without impairing his fortune and without injury to his personal credit with moneyed men. In order to pay the last three hundred dollars of his debts he borrowed that amount from John Yant, who was a stranger to the borrower, but knew him to be a man of character, upon the mere promise of Mr. Cover to secure the endorsement of Squire Horner, then living in Geistown. Mr. Yant handed Mr. Cover the cash and the note for Squire Horner's signature, later to be returned to the lender. This indicates something of the confidence which men of means had in the integrity of Adam Cover during the period of his real estate operations in Cambria county, three-quarters of a century ago. The Breniser lands acquired by Mr. Cover included parcels in Johnstown on both sides of what is now Locust street, between Franklin and Beson (Clinton) streets, and also the site of the present Methodist Episcopal church and parsonage. A part of this tract was traded to Mr. Good, and thus Mr. Cover completed payment for all the lands he had purchased. About 1825 these and other lands in the vicinity were laid out in lots, and the locality was given the name of New Town to distinguish it from the Old Town laid out by Joseph Johns and extending down the river from Franklin street.
    From what is stated in preceding paragraphs it will be seen that Adam Cover was an important factor in the early history of Johnstown; that he was not only a pioneer in the vicinity but that he took a prominent part in developing the resources of the town and building up the municipality. He was in all respects a man of understanding, and held the respect and esteem of his fellow townsmen by his honest methods and the influence for good he exercised in the community in which he lived so many years. Both he and his wife were devout members of the English Lutheran church, to the support of which he contributed liberally. Adam Cover died November 17, 1856, at his home in Kernville, now part of the Fifth ward, city of Johnstown, Mrs. Cover survived her husband more than ten years and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jonathan Horner, September 23, 1867. Of the thirteen children born to Adam and Mary Magdalen (Besshoar) Cover eleven grew to maturity and married. They were as follows: 1. Alexander, born June 6, 1809, married Sarah Horner, daughter of Christian Horner; both now deceased. 2. Sarah, born January 20, 1811, married John Hildebrand; both now deceased. 3. Caroline, born April 19, 1813, married Jacob C. Horner; both now deceased. 4. Samuel, born December 3, 1814, married Frances J. Skeen, daughter of Isaiah Skeen, both now deceased. 5.

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