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History of Cambria County, V.2

soon being made the capitol city of the commonwealth. Here he purchased a hotel known as the Breniser house and was its proprietor for sometime, but an unfortunate fire destroyed the building, upon which Mr. Cover turned to other pursuits and for a time carried on a butcher business. However, in the course of a few years Mr. Cover and his wife determined to go farther west, following the example of their relative, a Mr. Breniser, who with one Burrell had located, about 1810, in the vicinity of Johnstown, and were owners of a considerable tract of land. Accordingly in 1813 Mr. Cover removed to Johnstown and purchased from Christian Good a tract of land on the hill just outside of town, which locality to the present day has been known as Cover Hill. In acquiring this land a purchase money mortgage was given to Mr. Good, and that instrument, of date May 14, 1814, satisfied and discharged of record, is now a treasured relic in possession of the family.
    In this connection a brief allusion to some of the land transactions of Adam Cover will be of interest, for if he was not a bold operator he at least was an extensive one, and his purchases and sales were marked with good judgment in contemplating the future growth of the place, and the worthy old pioneer lived to see the realization of his hopes. Warrants for the lands in this immediate locality were secured on June 20, 1776, by Robert Todd and on March 12, 1785, by Benjamin Rittenhouse, the same then being in the township of Quemahoning, Bedford county. In 1792 Toss sold out his rights to Rittenhouse and on May 8th of the same year the latter conveyed the land to Jacob Stutsman, the deed, engrossed on heavy sheepskin being now in existence and in possession of Theodore Cover, Son of Alexander Cover, the present occupant of the homestead, and a grandson of Adam Cover, the pioneer of the family in this region. On June 12, 1804, Stutsman transferred the land by deed to Abraham Longnecker, who in turn sold to Christian Good, August 18, 1808.
    This, however, was not the extent of the land purchases by Adam Cover. In 1828 he bought one hundred and seventy-five acres more of the Rittenhouse tract, and 1833 bought about four hundred acres in Conemaugh township from John Ripple, following these with other considerable purchases in 1834 and 1848, until he became owner of extensive tracts of land in Cambria county, a large part of which is still owned by his descendants. He was a prudent operator in his own behalf, and also gave material assistance to other purchasers, on one occasion at considerable embarrassment to himself. He consented to stand as bail (security) for Mr. Brenuiser in a land deal in which the later was interested, and when the purchaser died the creditor looked to Mr. Cover for his pay at a time when he was not prepared to meet the claim; but the sheriff of the county, into whose hands the matter had gone, generously allowed Mr. Cover to take the property and make what he could out of it. In of-

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