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History of Cambria County, V.2

magnificent stone church--the gift of Mr. Charles M. Schwab, who spent his boyhood in the ancient village of Loretto, from which he went forth to attain his present success in the financial and industrial world.

    DR. JOHN CAMPBELL SHERIDAN was born in Johnstown, Cambria county, Pennsylvania, December 8, 1853, a son of Dr. Campbell and Emily W. (Speer) Sheridan, grandson of John and Mary (Campbell) Sheridan and great-grandson of Patrick and Mary (Spence) Sheridan.
    Patrick Sheridan (great-grandfather) was a native of Ireland, whence, desiring to escape the crowded economic conditions of his native country, he, after his marriage to Mary Spence, emigrated to the United Sates and settled in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, where his death occurred.
    John Sheridan (grandfather) was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. He learned the trade of blacksmith, and afterwards went to Butler county, where he remained until 1830, when he removed to Freeport, Armstrong county. He was a man of considerable mechanical skill and genius, and attained quite a degree of efficiency in his trade. When the Pennsylvania canal, connecting the eastern and western part of the state, was being built, he took a contract for the building of a section between Allegheny Aqueduct and Leechburg, Armstrong county. After his services in this connection he took up his residence in Centreville, Indiana county, and for a time was employed by the state in building lock-houses on the canal. About the year 1837 he went to Johnstown and took a position in the repair shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, but after a short service in this capacity opened a shop on his own account and furnished supplies to the same company. In 1842 removed to Brookville, Jefferson county, Pennsylvania, where he lived for a short time on a farm he had purchased, and then removed to Armstrong county, same state. In 1854 he emigrated to Illinois, where he lived but a short time, then returning to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where he died in 1865. Mr. Sheridan married Mary Campbell.
    Dr. Campbell Sheridan (father) was born in Butler, Butler county, Pennsylvania, June 30, 1819. He received his education in the common schools and also attended Indiana Academy, Indiana, Pennsylvania. In 1839 he came to Johnstown and took a position in the office of the canal collector, serving six years, and at the expiration of that time in the forwarding house of Henry Kratzer, serving three years. While holding a position in the collector's office, the canal being closed during the winter, he improved himself by attending, during the winter months, Jefferson College, in Washington county, Pennsylvania. He, however, did not graduate, as he was compelled to make his own way and could not afford it. Having resolved to pursue the profession of medicine as a life vocation, he engaged in the study

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