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History of Cambria County, V.2

Francis' College, and assistant at St. Michael's Church, Loretto. The next year he was transferred to St. Michael's Seminary, where he taught his classes during the week, and on Sundays and holidays served as assistant to Rev. A. P. Gibbs, pastor of St. Mary's Church, Lawrenceville, Pittsburg, who had baptized him. In January, 1876, the Diocese of Pittsburg was divided, and the Seminary was closed at Christmas the same year, on account of the financial difficulties then existing in the diocese. Father Kittell was then appointed secretary to Bishop Tuigg, the new Bishop of Pittsburg. In January, 1877, he was sent by the Bishop to Rome in company with Rev. James Holland, then pastor of St. Agnes' Church, Pittsburg, and quickly effected the reunion of the dioceses of Pittsburg and Allegheny, under the sole administration of Bishop Tuigg, and the restoration of St. Xavier's Academy to the mother house in Pittsburg. In February, 1881, he was again sent to Rome by the Bishop, on other matters connected with the diocese, and remained abroad for eighteen months.
    On arriving home in the autumn of 1882, Father Kittell resumed his duties as diocesan secretary, and also acted as chaplain to the Mercy Hospital. In the spring following he accompanied Bishop Tuigg to Charleston, South Carolina, where the venerable prelate remained a couple of months in the hope of regaining his health, which had been greatly impaired. Two days after their return to the diocese, the Bishop was seized with a paralytic stroke from which he lingered until his death, nearly six years later. It was about this time that Father Kittell invented and patented his adjustable candelabra, which has be extensively sold under the control of Benziger Brothers, New York.
    In August, 1883, Father Kitrell resigned the diocesan secretaryship, and on March 1, 1884, took charge of St. Patrick's congregation, Newry, Blair county. He was transferred to the pastorate of St. Mary's Church, Hollidaysburg, February 9, 1887, and to that of S. Mathew's Church, Tyrone, November 6, 1889. In all of these places he made valuable improvements. In Tyrone he had commenced the erection of a new church, the plans being drawn, and the excavation made for the foundation, when, on April 1, 1891, he was sent to take charge of St. Michael's Church, Loretto. A most interesting incident of his administration was the celebration of the Centenary of the Parish, which was most impressively carried out on October 10th, 1899, and which was suitably commemorated in a handsomely printed and profusely illustrated souvenir volume compiled by Father Kittell.
    At the Pittsburg Diocesan Synod held November 9th of the Centenary Year, Father Kittell was raised to the grade of Irremovable Rector--the first native of the diocese upon whom this distinction was conferred. Another incident, equally interesting, was the solemn consecration, on October 2, 1901, of the present

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