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History of Cambria County, V.2

married, a merchant in Johnstown. Joseph L., born in Johnstown, 1873, unmarried, a merchant in Johnstown.
    John H. Waters was born March 20, 1860, at Davidsville, Somerset county, Pennsylvania. His early schooling was had in the common schools, and when but thirteen years of age he came to Johnstown, where he entered the cement mills of A. J. Haws. Soon, however, he secured a position with F. W. Hay, in the stove and tin business, but being desirous of obtaining a better educational equipment, he resigned his position and attended the city schools one term. In June, 1879, in company with another young man, James A. McMillan, he embarked in the plumbing business, they combining their wits with a very small capital, under the name of J. A. McMillan & Company. They made their start in a fifteen by twenty-five shop on Franklin street, which they enlarged from time to time as the business necessitated. Upon the completion of Alma Hall, in 1884, the firm moved into one of the large store-rooms in this building, and in addition to their established business of plumbing and heating carried a line of mill, mine and machinery supplies. The firm name was then changed to the Johnstown Supply House. In 1888 Mr. Waters purchased the interest of his partner, Mr. McMillan, and took his brother, Samuel B. Waters, into partnership with him. Shortly after the flood of 1889, in which their entire stock of material and supplies were practically ruined, Mr. Waters purchased property at No. 217 Franklin street, from Akers & Baumer, and erected thereon a three-story brick building, especially adapted to the business, which prospered greatly and extended as far east as Philadelphia and west to Pittsburg. In addition to the building which he erected for the conduct of the business of the Johnstown Supply House, he purchased the Hay homestead on Franklin street and erected the office building now known as the Suppes building.
    In 1894, in connection with T. B. Belfield and A. H. Fowler, of Philadelphia, Mr. Waters was instrumental in the organization of the Fowler Radiator and Manufacturing Company, with works at Norristown, Pennsylvania, of which he was made treasurer. In 1896 Mr. Waters purchased the interests of his eastern associates and the plant was removed to Johnstown, continuing under the above name until 1902, when the corporate name was changed to the National Radiator Company, with John H. Waters as its secretary and treasurer, and Samuel B. Waters as its president. Among the many large plants of its kind in this country, the National Radiator Company ranks among the most extensive.
    For some years Mr. Waters was a director of the Cambria National Bank, but resigned upon the organization of the United States National Bank, and was made president of the latter institution, which position he occupies at the present time. He is a trustee of the Johnstown Savings Bank, a director of the Johnstown Passenger Railway Company, treasurer of the

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