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History of Cambria County, V.2

sidered as good as his bond. He married Margaret Lambert, a native of Somerset county, living at the present time (1907), daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Frazier) Lambert. Jacob Lambert was born in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, and kept hotel on top of the Allegheny Mountain during the stage coach times, and his death occurred in his native county.
    Jacob Lambert's mother was a daughter of Caspar Statler, who had been an officer in a regiment attached to Colonel Boquet's forces in his campaigns through western Pennsylvania. While traversing the country on his campaigns he no doubt decided on the location of his future home on the western slope of the Allegheny Mountains. The wife of Caspar Statler had been in her girlhood an Indian captive for a long while, and shortly after her return from captivity she was married to Mr. Statler. Many years after a delegation of some twenty-five Indian chiefs and braves, under a military escort and an interpreter, passed the road on which they lived on their way to Washington to interview the Great Chief of the White People. They camped on the Statler farm over night. Mrs. Statler at once recognized several of these Indians as belonging to the tribe that had held her captive. She informed the officer of the escort, and expressed a wish to speak to an old chief, who was accordingly invited into the house. Mrs. Statler addressed him in the Indian language, and the old chief in great surprise asked her how she had learned Indian talk. After mentioning several incidents pertaining to her captivity, he recognized her as the pale-face squaw who had been with them so long, and, as he expressed it, had fallen asleep when the white men came after her.
    On the maternal side Margaret Waters' great-grandfather was Lieutenant John Frazier, who located in Bedford county about 1758. Lieutenant Frazier was an Indian trader, also a guide for the British forces during the war with the French. His wife was captured by the Indians and held for more than a year. He was one of the first justices of the peace appointed in Bedford county in the year 1771. He built the first house outside of Fort Bedford in Bedford county. In this house William Frazier, the grandfather of Margaret Waters, was born in the year 1759, he being the first white child born outside of Fort Bedford in Bedford county.
    Josiah and Margaret (Lambert) Waters were members of the Methodist church. He was a Democrat in politics. Their children were: George A., born in Somerset county, 1856. Sarah J., born in Somerset county, 1858, married Walter Felton, and resided in Johnstown; both are now deceased. John H., born in Somerset county, 1860, see forward. Elizabeth, born in Somerset county, 1863, married C. A. Frank, resides in Johnstown. Samuel B., born in Somerset county, 1866, a sketch of whom appears in this work. Robert O., died 1870, aged two and a half years. William B., born in Somerset county, 1870, un-

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