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History of Cambria County, V.2

Hoyt (I), was born between 1620 and 1626. He married Susanna Joyse. From Bolton's “History of Westchester County” we learn that on January 24, 1695, the Indian sachem, Parthungo, deeded to John Harrison, of Flushing, Queens County, Long Island, New York, a certain tract of land in Westchester county, of which deed Nicholas Haight was a witness.
    (III)  Samuel Haight, son of Nicholas (2) and Susanna (Joyse) Haight, was born about 1647, and was the first of the family to confirm the spelling of the name as Haight. There is record of him at Flushing, Long Island, as early as 1678, where he signed his name as a witness to the marriage of John and Elizabeth Brown on the 2d day, 9th month, and at that time he spelled the name Hoyte. On the 27th day of the same month he signed his name at witness to another marriage, this time as Samuel Houit. On the 2d day in the twelfth month, in 1679, he signed as Samuel Haitt, and on the 25th day of the first month, 1686, as Samuel Haight. At various times after this date he spelled his name uniformly as Haight. William the Third confirmed the deeding of the land conveyed to John Harrison by Parthungo, June 25, 1696, by granting a patent covering this tract to William Nichols, Ebenezer Wilson, David Jameson, John Harrison and Samuel Haight. The latter thus became one of the five proprietors of Harrison's purchase, which, before 1775, was considered one of the precincts of Rye and afterward became the town of Harrison. His wife's name was Sarah; the surname has not been preserved.
    (IV)  Nicholas Haight, son of Samuel (3) and Sarah Haight, was born between 1670 and 1682. He married Patience Titus.
    (V)  Jacob Haight, son of Nicholas (4) and Patience (Titus) Haight, was born between 1705 and 1715. He married Sarah, whose family name is not on record.
    (VI)  Stephen Haight, son of Jacob (5) and Sarah Haight, was born in 1747.
    (VII)  Benjamin Haight, son of Stephen Haight (6), was born about 1774.
    (VIII)  Benjamin Haight, son of Benjamin Haight (7) was born in Vermont, between 1794 and 1800. He removed to St. Lawrence county, New York, 1822. He married Emily Rutherford, and had children: William Rutherford, see forward; George; Mary; John L.
    (IX)  William Rutherford Haight, eldest child of Benjamin (8) and Emily (Rutherford) Haight, was born in Monkton, Addison county, Vermont, September 12, 1822. He was an infant when he removed with his parents to St. Lawrence county, New York, and his education was acquired in the public schools of that county and at the Potsdam Academy. For a time he taught school, then acted in the capacity of clerk in a general store, and in 1851 went to Illinois, where he obtained employment as a civil engineer, having charge of the construction of a

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