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History of Cambria County, V.2

    SUTER FAMILY. John Peter Suter was born February 25, 1837, in Hagerstown, Maryland, and died in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, on Easter Sunday, April 10, 1887.
    His grandfather Peter Suter, was a native of Germany; married Catherine Irwin, and came to America about the time of the Revolutionary war and enlisted in the Continental army.
    Peter Suter, the son of the latter, and the father of the former, was born in Hagerstown, July 17, 1806, and died in Cumberland, Maryland, June 8, 1897. He was a tailor by trade, and a member of the German Lutheran church. On May 9, 1833, he married Amelia Renner, a daughter of Jacob and Mary (Creager) Renner, who died in Cumberland, November 7, 1895. Mary Creager Renner's grandfather was also a soldier in the Continental army, belonging to a German regiment.
    The brothers and sisters of John Peter Suter are: Amelia, born March 4, 1834; Mary Anne, born September 3, 1835; Caroline, born September 29, 1838; Maria, born January 5, 1840; Emma, born July 24, 1841, died October 15, 1842; Jacob A., born April 9, 1843; Adeline, born October 10, 1844; Sarah, born April 13, 1846; Emma, born July 17, 1848.
    Captain John P. Suter and Emma Augusta Vickroy were married August 30, 1864, at Ferndale near Johnstown, Pennsylvania, by the Rev. B. L. Agnew, while on a few days leave of absence from the Army of the Shenandoah, under Major General P. H. Sheridan. Mrs. Suter was the seventh daughter of Edwin Augustus Vickroy and Cornelia (Harlan) Vickroy, and granddaughter of Thomas Vickroy, who served as an officer under General George Clark in Kentucky and the west during the Revolutionary war. Both were by occupation land surveyors. Captain and Emma Augusta (Vickroy) had children: 1. Philip, born August 27, 1865, at Ferndale, married Ida May Oliver, March 11, 1896, at Braddock, Pennsylvania; now resides in Gary, Indiana. 2. Eugene, died in infancy, 1868. 3. Cornelia Vickroy, born in Pittsburg, February 11, 1870, died there May 17, 1889. 4. Frederic John, born in Pittsburg, November 19, 1871, died there May 21, 1896. 5. Rufus Orlando, born in Pittsburg, January 25, 1875, there married Mary Clarine Beatty, January 4, 1904; still resides in Pittsburg. 6. Francis Leon, born in Pittsburg, January 9, 1877, there married Mary Metcalfe Barr, October 21, 1903; resides there. 7. Herman Alexander, born in Pittsburg, November 25, 1880, married Anna Smart, July 14, 1903, at same place, and resides there. 8. Jean Augusta, born in Pittsburg, April 7, 1884, died there April 6, 1888.
    Captain Suter was engaged prior to the Civil war, as a

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