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History of Cambria County, V.2

roadway on the Westmont side of the river, and from there myriads of rockets, bombs, colored lights and sparks were continually flying through the balmy air. The pieces of local interest were the portraits of George S. King, the honorary chairman, who although in his ninety-first year was a participant, Daniel J. Morrell, the Joseph Johns' Log Cabin, The Falls of Niagara and "Good Night." The foliage on Westmont hill was an ideal setting for the exhibition. There were about 30,000 visitors on Saturday, who with our own people made a crowd of 75,000 bent on enjoyment. There was no accident and every one retired with an expression of praise.
    The Thanksgiving praise meeting was held on Sunday at 3:30 p. m., at the corner of Main and Market streets, where 3,500 people had gathered. Mr. Morgan's chorus of 275 voices were present and joined in the beautiful services. The ministers who were present were William Lynch and J. W. Schwartz, who were residents here many years ago, besides J. I. L. Ressler, S. J. Kyle, Owen James and D. M. Kinter of Indiana. This happy event closed the three days' celebration and Johnstown was ushered into the second century of its existence.
    One of the very attractive places during the celebration was the "Loan Exhibition," which occupied the Young Men's Christian Association hall. It was opened on Tuesday morning, the third, and remained so until the festivities had closed. There were 819 interesting exhibits neatly catalogued, consisting of a variety of household and farming utensils of the very early days, plate and dishes, garments, pictures, documents, books, Indian relics, clocks, old guns and swords and war trophies. Also the ax, auger and adze of Joseph Johns which he had used in clearing the forest for the town of Johnstown.

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