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History of Cambria County, V.2

discovered and named Melville Land and Heilprin Land. Again, between '93-95 he again visited Greenland and discovered the so called “Iron Mountains.” In '96-97 he made a short voyage and brought to America the ninety ton meteorite of Cape York, the largest meteorite known. The natives were furnished with tools and cutting implements by him. In 1898 to 1902, he made the most important voyage to the North up to that time, for on May 16, '02 he was in latitude 84 degrees and 19 minutes, the highest point ever reached by an American; however, in April, 1902, Prince Luigi, another explorer exceeded it by reaching the northerly line of 86 degrees and 33 minutes. Peary discovered a large body of land on the northeastern coast of Greenland between Independence Bay and the eightieth degree of latitude, which has been named Pearyland in his honor.
    From Labrador, November 2, 1906, upon his return from his latest attempt to reach the North Pole, he sent the following valuable announcement. “Reached 87 degrees 6 minutes north latitude over ice, drifting eastward. Returning ate eight dogs. Drifted eastward, delayed by open water. Reached north coast of Greenland in straitened condition. Killed musk oxen and returned along Greenland coast to ship. Two supporting parties driven on north coast of Greenland. One rescued by me in starving condition.” At this time he is in New York making preparations for another expedition.
    In 1892 he received the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society and the Cullum gold medal of the American Geographical Society, and in 1902 he was again honored with gold medals from the Royal, the Royal Scottish, the American and the Philadelphia Geographical Societies for his distinguished achievements.
    Mrs. Josephine Peary is also an author of one or two volumes on Arctic conditions.
    Robert Lees Phythian, a commodore in the United States Navy, is a son of Dr. Charles G. and Eliza Linton Phythian, born in Johnstown, July 21 1835. His parents removed to Frankfort, Kentucky, in 1844, and in 1852 he entered the Naval Academy at Annapolis, where he graduated in the class of 1856. He was assigned to service in the American Navy, and served during the Civil war as executive officer on the large ships and in command of a small vessel. He has been superintendent of the New York Nautical School, superintendent of the United

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