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History of Cambria County, V.2



    Elsewhere we have noted the names of a number of gentlemen who have by their achievements won the esteem of their fellowmen, and by so doing have distinguished the county. The career of Dr. Flick will be founded in the chapter on the “Medical Profession;” that of Mr. Boyle in Art; Governor Geary and General Campbell in Military Affairs, and Statesmanship; George S. King, John and George Fritz, Daniel J. Morrell and Powell Stackhouse in creating and operating the Cambria Steel Company, and others whose accomplishments appear in their life's work as we find it.
    Among the list are a number whose achievements have been wrought in other parts of the world, but who were former residents, or are now residing in the county, as follows:
    Robert Edwin Peary, the Arctic Explorer, was born at Cresson, Pennsylvania, May 6, 1856. He is a son of Charles N. and Mary Wiley Peary, who came to Cambria county from Maine about 1852. His father was engaged in the shook business at Gallitzin where he died in 1857; soon thereafter his mother returned to her New England home.
    Mr. Peary the author and explorer graduated at Bowdoin in 1877; in 1888, he married Josephine Diebitsch; their daughter, Marie Ahnighito, was born September 12, 1893, at the most extreme northerly point in the world, of the birth of any white child. In 1881 he entered the U. S. Navy as a civil engineer, and three years thereafter he was chief of the survey corps for the Nicaragua canal proposition.
    In 1898, he wrote and published “Northward over the Great Ice,” in two volumes (Frederick A. Stokes), and has contributed many articles to geographical societies and journals. He tells more of these strange people, of their mode of living, their families and the climate than was ever known, and with many excellent illustrations of the inhabitants, animals, fish, seals, and the great ice floes and ice mountains, portrays a vivid description. He begins with his first voyage in 1886. Five years after he organized and commanded an Arctic expedition on which he

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