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History of Cambria County, V.2

castings, 4,680 tons of iron castings, and 24,600 tons of switches, frogs, etc.
    The Executive Offices at Johnstown are: P. Lavelle, vice-president and general manager; Edward B. Entwisle, chief engineer; George W. Reese, superintendent steel foundry; S. C. Weeks, superintendent iron foundry; Francis Nather, superintendent switch works; H. B. Frye, Jr., chief of order department; H. W. Smith, cashier; W. Milton Brown, manager underground electric department; H. F. A. Kleinschmidt, superintendent track welding department; George H. McFeaters, chief electrician; H. C. Stiff, chief draughtsman; C. S. Brandler, purchasing agent; H. M. Davies, auditor.

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